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Originally Posted by weirdgrivi View Post
It is not a bad guide Smashbros and I respect your experience. I am due for a test soon so I'm not gonna be long on this. Three observations :

1.) Remedial Focus and Eternity are useless if you don't use any healing gems, right?

Eternity also helps with the Balance gem as it is a continual mana/energy replenisher, as every caster should be using 1 that skill is needed for that.

2.) You distribute your Melee points between STR and PST (which is less needed than MST) and your Magic points between all three skills (INT, CNC, MST). Since INT is more important for casters than STR (not a lot more important, simply more important) why not focus all your enchants on it?

Str is mainly for earlier game, as i am a necro i focus on black magic more then red, which some may believe to be a bad idea as red does give more damage, i believe it evens out with the necro bonus to blacks, and they also use less energy then reds do mana.

the str enchants ive been told are a stupid idea before aswell, my theory is, why not try to get as much damage as you can out of everything you have available to you?? the staff is a major damage factor early on, and latter in game it isnt needed as much, but is still helpful.

also at end game, once (for me anyways) i finally get an epic armour (would like the 88s lol) ill be changing my enchants to help with MSt and PSt, and keep the Int enchants on there. depending on the other stat skills that increase your bonuses on everything will depend on if i take some Int off and put some Cnc on.

3.) Your stats are not bad considering the PLing you've been doing but in the long run, the Recovey points you put in PRe, MRe and Reg can be made up for by more/better mana/energy replenishes/cantrips (EDIT : And more AC so you won't need any Reg) and you will have more points to distribute to INT/CNC/STR or whatever else makes your char more imba :P

i actually disagree, at the end of a mob battle, unless i crit myself cause of daze i only need to regen approx 100 hp. the ONLY reason i have anything in recovery is so that it is less time between battles regenning my mana/energy and also so that working with other skills my mana/energy will replenish in battle from when i get no gem draws that help me replenish them. at current point in time i have: 184 pre. and i can regen about 4-5 energy per tick, as i am waiting around 6 seconds for each new gem to come out thats roughly 16-30 energy i get just from waiting for a new gem. now mix that in with the other skills that we got (Revitilize and replenish) i get around 11 energy per tick. which works out at 44-66 for waiting.

now that should make sense to everyone that it actually does help, sure i could focus on my magic and take everything out of recovery, but then when i run out of mana/energy im a sitting duck.

Good luck in the future Smash and go get that 69 staff !
nope wont be getting it the 78 has a base of +14 int, plus a +30 int stone in it thats +44 before other skills.

with Double Bond at 100 it takes the enchants from my staff alone to a +88 int, and then if i use Stat Enchancement at 100 aswell, i would be getting a +110 int. now as i need more int then i do hitting with a staff i think ill stick with this

Originally Posted by Nomicon View Post
What about a 100 140 80 0 build ?
as stated above, (in this post), recovery helps alot and i believe it to be benificial.

and yes str helps with the accuracy and how often you hit. also the accuracy on the weapon has a major impact aswell for staves.
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