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It is not a bad guide Smashbros and I respect your experience. I am due for a test soon so I'm not gonna be long on this. Three observations :

1.) Remedial Focus and Eternity are useless if you don't use any healing gems, right?

2.) You distribute your Melee points between STR and PST (which is less needed than MST) and your Magic points between all three skills (INT, CNC, MST). Since INT is more important for casters than STR (not a lot more important, simply more important) why not focus all your enchants on it?

3.) Your stats are not bad considering the PLing you've been doing but in the long run, the Recovey points you put in PRe, MRe and Reg can be made up for by more/better mana/energy replenishes/cantrips (EDIT : And more AC so you won't need any Reg) and you will have more points to distribute to INT/CNC/STR or whatever else makes your char more imba :P

Good luck in the future Smash and go get that 69 staff !
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