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Originally Posted by Malinore View Post
Recovery is probably even more important for a caster as we have 3 stats that have to regen after each battle.
recovery is worthless in combat and outside combat. a good idea is to stay a bit longer in combat, have a 2nd pouch full of heals (gem handling lvl 10 required), switch pouch and use heals and mana/energy replenish gems. in no time you are regen'd, no maxed regen stat can beat that.

Originally Posted by Malinore View Post
What am I missing, what should I be slacking off on so I can focus on magic and recovery? I know it says were not supposed to be good at melee and defense but neglecting STR seems like it would really hurt our damage capability unless max damage for staves is based off of a different stat. And are casters just supposed to be weak defensively? .
I have a lvl 70 angel who has no points in str/dex, full pst. The reason is that i find the DD gems damage way higher than the crushing damage from the staff. It gives me energy enough to keep casting dd gems. I mainly use recastable black & white gems, they tend to use energy. I only have a few points in mst (mana), just to use energy replenish gems. Defense is important like any other char.

I must note that the skills that unlock at lvl 20, 40 and 60 are awesome for casters (like 2 stats to double your amount of energy or mana, ...). I bet you can find them on the forum.

I also have a normal caster (str, spread stats, etc), but i'll redistribute him like the one i described earlier.
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