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I'm playing a magician and now that I'm past the initial bit of what the hell am I doing phase I'm looking into long term planning for this character. What I'm noticing is there's not one stat category I can really dump if I want to be effective as a caster which means I'll never get my Magic up to 100.

I rely on a stave to do consistent damage so I need STR from Melee
I use DD spells so I'll need all 3 stats from Magic to be as high as possible
Defense is basically the only thing that will keep me alive, other classes can cast healing spells and such, Casters don't have this luxury if were trying to do any damage.
Recovery is probably even more important for a caster as we have 3 stats that have to regen after each battle.

What am I missing, what should I be slacking off on so I can focus on magic and recovery? I know it says were not supposed to be good at melee and defense but neglecting STR seems like it would really hurt our damage capability unless max damage for staves is based off of a different stat. And are casters just supposed to be weak defensively? That doesn't seem the best solution either as without the gems for defense and healing in addition to generally not taking defensive stats, they would seem the weakest of the classes.
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