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I have to agree with Camli on how haste works in this game. The best reason I have for this is the 'Attack Haste' associated with Dual Weild. 100% haste does not bring your delay to 0, but rather to 1/2 the stated amount. Here's a formula for calculating it:

HastedDelay = StandardDelay * (1/(1+Haste%))

Assuming mulitiplicative bonuses (as most everything in this game is multiplicative rather than additive), and a StandardDelay of 8 seconds, you would get the following - assuming that these three modifiers were all at max:

Jeweler Class Bonus: 5%-15%
Gem Haste Aura: 4%-13%
Wizardry: 40%-80%

HastedDelay = 8.0seconds * (1/(1+15%)) * (1/(1+13%)) * (1/(1+80%)) = 3.42 seconds between gem draws.
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