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v2.215 Browser Client
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Default v2.215 Browser Client

This client features a completely revamped input system, which will be mostly invisible to players. It's main purpose is to facilitate the addition of the HotBar and floating windows.

You can now hold CTRL+SHIFT+Left Mouse Button to drag and reposition the entire game interface.

All mobile panning and zooming is now directly controlled (where possible) by the client, not the browser. If you have complaints about the way the game pans or zooms, let us know. We have eliminated the pan "railing" which would prevent horizontal or vertical motion once a pan was started that primarily consisted of the other.

When you have an item on your crosshair for repositioning, you will not see the full mouseover info of other items you hover - instead you will only see their title name, unless you hold shift. The same applies to hovering gems in your gem slots.

Fixed an issue that prevented you from being able to start a pilgrimage.
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