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I think Paulo was the only one who thought the new LG was good lol, I haven't personally used the new pet but in all honesty it seems a bit underwhelming. I understand regen is strong in this game, but why do so many items designed in the game get self-inflicted listless auras?

We still have LG trash items , including the blight barb dagger which is terrible and listless aura makes that even more unappealing. slapping listless aura on an LG is just going to make a lot of players not want to use it.

Can we start seeing LG's that don't have a double-edged-sword proc, and actually purely self-beneficial ones like we did in the past? I.E. Spear of the Unstoppable, Cudgel Of the Unmoving, Tomahammer , Doublers, Helkok, Black Edge / Boiler, Warhogs, Weasel Cuddlebugs, Mongo's, and so on?

We had good LG's in the game that don't shoot you in the foot, but the self-listless ones are pretty unappealing unless you're an archer benefiting from Kris.

But for goodness sakes, provide a counter to Shielding Staff too, that weapon is Top tier (even more OP than Regen) and completely makes 3v3 premade impossible to do without a healer. The diversity of 3v3 will be gone in Premade due to the fact that this staff completely counters drains/thefts so I won't be surprised if every team in the top 10 has a healer with that staff next season. Incapacitates got nerfed, and abnegation got buffed ( which is good), but I don't think we will see anything other than healer/tank/dps next upcoming format with the current changes
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