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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
It works in PvE, it's a PvE proc. If there was a skill that gave PvE only crit avoidance, a character who only did PvE would surely train it.
This is not a skill. A skill vs lg proc are 2 separate (and very different) arguments.

A skill with 0 downside, for example:
"Crit reduction: this skills gives up to a 10% chance to be immune to a critical strike resulting in non cirtical dmg"
Ofc a pve toon would lvl it.... Every toon would lvl it since it has no downside.

In what possible situation is this pet a better pve option then any other pet in the game? Answer: its not

The 1 situation it MIGHT be used is with a healer. But healers in pve are useless. So in order to make this pet have any use in pve..... you have to use a Useless build in the group. Not to mention that the argument could be made that timmy is a better option even then.

On top of that, the drain reduction is 100% useless in pve since mobs dont cast drains. add in the 90% self listless which.. i guess if your a regener who is veng farming in pve its useful? otherwise its useless...

1 part 100% useless.
2 Part next to useless since regeners either have a non regen suit to farm or dont venge farm and
3 part Worse then any other option with 1 very small time being debatable in equal to the other option...

I Thus must label the Toad of Intransigence a pve pet NOT a pvp pet. Since its so obviously a strong and useful pet in PVE situations.

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