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Originally Posted by Glitchless View Post
This new pet has a place in group PvE.

Also, if you have a PvE LG suggestion that isn't just an LG that does something another one does but with bigger numbers, feel free to suggest it whenever the "we want PvE LGs" argument is made.
Group pve??? You serious??? Against what??? The anti crit buff? You do realise if you do group pve and have a healer shielding staff gives drainproof anyway. And it's not hard to negate crits anyway, so why sacrifice better pets for something that had no pve use. Feel you're just making a troll statement about its pve use.

I don't want lgs that have the same affects as the current lot, I want NEW ones. With not op, but average procs, just stuff to bring new builds to the game so that maybe I'll make an alt and bliss for the sake of it.
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