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@Enduir :

There is no glory nor achievement in daily rutines.

As you said : leveling skills to 100 I understand it's something but for example making potions it's something that brings nothing to anyone who does that.

You spend hours doing so then potions got consumed and puff! Not a trace you ever did anything.

It would be different story if every craft improve something but after a while there is nothing that improves just dead repetitive rutine you do every day or two.

You said yourself you don't bother with resourcess below 20 . Many only pick up those close to t30 which really counts.

Which in fact in case of s2 leaves AH nearly empty because people "dont bother" . But it doesn't mean you have to laugh at or be a douche to someone who willing to put an effort and fill that void.

There is lots of young players full of ideas and lots of energy willing to take slightly different path and enjoy different play style and should not be harass by grumpy bored old generations because : "when I was young I had my wagon and pair of horses - you should use those because I did instead asking for car"

You did things your way and good for you - you felt satisfied and that all it matters .

If you love arguments:

Before you got 1 or 2 resourcess now it's 6-48 per pull yet processing time stays the same (slightly faster because loader) but you still need to repeat process for single pull up to 24 times.

Silk : used to drop by 6 or 12 . Now you get up to double stacks of 102. Spinning still takes 2 silks and have same delay as used before.

The whole picture is about "recycling" massive amount of resourcess being deleted/wasted because they not t30.

If processing would be in par with game (it's way behind imo) every pull would have some value there is 30 tiers for the reason - it not about only t30's
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