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Cb/pk exploit... Kinda?
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Default Cb/pk exploit... Kinda?

Idk exactly if you'd call this a bug... Or even if there is a solution to it, but as long as 2 toons have 2 separate ips and 2 separate emails... They can clan battle. I don't know if this also applies to pking so you can get pk bonus for pking yourself or not.

Toon a has email I log him on my pc.
Toon b has email I log him on my phone using data.
Toon a can cb toon b. Possibly even pk him and get credit. They only need to be on different ips at time of fight though. After the cb for immunity I can log my other toon on pc and continue like nothing happened.

Idk if there is a solution to this though. With people sharing if we make it so you can't fight anyone you ever shared with that'd make it complicated for things like arena. Hopefully if it does affect pking though there is some change that can be made to stop it. Bad enough people just pk their friends for bonuses qq
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