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Originally Posted by banndintheusa View Post
nice nikolaa, sissy would know that if he had played more than ten matches this season, it's a whole new ballgame. I keep tryin to tell him, but he still thinks its 8 seasons ago when he won a match without thorin.

Anyway's im not a dummy.

Sisix is trying to suck me into giving more info about who I am... we all know full well MA been gone awhile. He's still farmin, but you never know he might make a run for it.

Look at the top ten, theres is a lot of beatable players there... 10 tc's and LG's up for grabs. I know for a fact some of the players i listed have (or had at some point) intentions of making a run for it, but we shall see end of season now wont we.

Who knows sissy, maybe i put myself in that list just to throw you off?

But i wont be goaded into giving up details of who said what and when, even if i know im right. Id like to remain anonymous at this point because im pretty sure half of nod wants to DM me.

Then again, maybe im a disgruntled glitch employee.
omg dm me nao irl bbq

and doubt you're in the list :{ unless you're HK/MA's current sitter

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