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How to can tracking?
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Default How to can tracking?

Right, anyone who's having issues tracking their epic quests beasts better listen up. This seems to sound complicated when I explain but really it's no harder than eating crayons so most of you should get it eventually.
  • Complete one or more pilgrimages and be at your maximum level
  • Turn travel mode off and be ungrouped
  • Go to and click 'World Map' at the bottom
  • When the map page opens, right-click and 'Save image'
  • Open the downloaded map image in MS Paint or something like that
  • Go to the Seer, click his face and 'Request Epic Quest Task'
  • Open skills, go to the 'Adventuring' section, right-click on 'Tracking' -> 'Track Epic Quest Task' - you will receive a message saying "What you seek is ____" (North/South/East/West) You'll want to raise tracking.
  • Switch to your downloaded map and draw two lines at 45 degrees either side of the direction you received. In this case, North.
  • Your beast cannot be outside of these lines. If your beast was on the 'X' here, it would be more easterly then northerly so your direction would have said 'East'.
  • Walk halfway through the tracking area or as far as you like, for a large area maybe 1/4 of the way then track again
  • Draw two more lines around the new direction you receive, in this case East
  • Cut your area down and track again, draw your lines. In this case we got West
  • Repeat, this time West again
  • When you have a small area left, walk side to side or up and down until you get a hit
  • This is where I ended up today

Don't forget to resource.

Repeat every day until the end of time. Now you can tracking.

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