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Thank you for the quick reply Glitch. Good to know we get to keep pilgrim and beast progress and the like.

Davross has been an avid spokesman for more storage space and has had some backing over time. With the pending change to reroll where you need to have all your gems and armor/weapons/pets in storage and/or inventory I think more space indeed will be needed.

As you ask for arguments to do so: let me try and phrase it. (Guys please do the actual number crunching as I am at work and can not log a char to check).

Maximum possible soulbound gems and armors/weaponspets is 3 pouches of 50 gems, 3 times 6 armors, 3 times 2 weapons, 3 times 2 pets and 3 times an archery set of 3 for
a total of needed 489 slots. Maximum available storage slots are I think 7 rows of 16 and lemme guess 25 rows of 4 inventory slots for a total of 212 or somewhere in that ballpark.

In other words there will be players that have 489 items equipped (not taking into account soulbound items already in storage and/or inventory) but at the moment only 212 slots are available in storage/inventory to put them in. Argument 1.

The current 212 available slots are easily filled fast with resources and/or throphies. Quite a few of the 212 slots are already taken by resources, gems, gate and recall potions and travel gear. I think most of my chars have 10-20 slots available still in storage and around 20 slots are already used of the inventory ones by gates/recalls travel gear and the like. I am assuming this applies to most players. So we have something in the neighbourhood of 100 slots to fill when farming of some type. In as little as 4-5 fights that space can be filled up and you have to return to a town. Argument 2.

When you are able to farm next to Ustenar or Faar argument 2 does not have to be an issue. However when you farm in Gob Swamp or a similair more remote area your available space will fill up fast AND you most likely have several trips to make to haul it all back.

Support more inventory and/or storage slots.
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