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i was neither whining nor asking for a buff, rather i was mocking people for whining for something.

as it is, i really dont see why crushers should get an alternative over there proc, which is to stun, which cannot be cleansed, effects archers, bm, melee and casters and can only be stopped with an aura, whereas archers have blind, which is only effective against melee, bm and archers, CAN be cleansed and doesnt really stop any caster with half a brain, and can now be stopped with an aura too.

hence why i was mocking crushers when they, in my opinion have it better than the ranged proc. at no part did i ask for a buff or say how (i may or may not) think it is unfair to archers,
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Honorable mention goes to Emiliastormrage, Roguetiger, Hustlerking, Chloe.

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