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If stuns are fine, you cant add aoe stuns that would be brutal and if there already is with the new gems... omg is all i can say.

Blind is op as well against melee , ranged and pets but i dont think that aura is actually needed, cause bows dont really have less than 34seconds delay average and is only 1 bow, arrow rain doesnt proc that often but it could be one potential aoe blind..

The real issue with stun is that whips delay is really fast like always around the 20seconds and you have the option to have 2 though and there is also options to stun with crushers 1h and 2h and staff(also crusher ofc, 2h) hence why stoic is actually really needed.

So overall its balanced but if you want to go hardcore, u can almost perma lock teams if u use stun gems as well... there is no blind gems, perhaps could be a nice addition? of course archers like Chloe would cry about it but does he actually know the potential of archers with the new range aoe aura? like u can keep blinding, trishotting, shaft, etc many targets ignoring taunts, if you ask me archers got the lead with this aoe range/melee/pets attacks.

Now to be more specific in relation to the title, crushers dont need a buff or something new for PvP at least, so if you talk about PvE..well i could see it a little bit i guess just cause 1 single issue: Piercers, Whippers and Slashers could get an edge due of the stats issue that complement a bow ambush just perfect, if you know what i mean.

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