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...I'm planning on using (when i get 10 wizardry) my other gem pouch for healing gems and such, or at least 2-3 healing gems and the rest DoTs.
That's a lot of skills to learn, which is the problem with using the black/red end of things as the primary source of gem attack - which is also my problem. Those using white/green/blue/grey as their primary source don't need to even look at the black/red gems as they have their own source of damage. They may not be as powerful in terms of damage for mana/energy, but the skill level you can get with specialising means you are using more powerful gems anyway.

I'm attempting a pure blue build at the moment using a jeweller base for draw haste. Much easier to get skills to what you need. He's currently level 2 and has level 10 blue magic already. No need for any other color (except grey & white later).
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