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Originally Posted by >.> View Post
You will lose dps with or without the gems. Melee gems give you options while you sacrifice nothing, but to use a rabid a bm must give up heals.
Hope this is true for LG weapons and whips/pets. I cant test LG but recently I tested uncommon melee and BM sets by killing DMV boss.
Done two test, killing 20 DMV bosses in each.
test 1. 92 1h crush + 92 pet, completed in 47 min
test 2. 92 1h whip + 92 pet, completed in 41 min

No rapid or melee auras, all bm & weaponry skills 89, some 92 ofc. I have no bonus to BM, but 9.5% bonus to melee. Runes used: crit, assurance, pain & quicksteel. In both cases 550str + 270dex was used.

Even having 9.5% bonus to melee with BM set I got about 15% faster kills. With rapid aura kills would be much faster but much less energy & mana upkeep then melee auras needs.

But ofc LG weapons & whips/pets might be balanced in different way.
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