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Originally Posted by Vhazar View Post
Can you cleanse at the same rate mobs mesm & daze you?

Also there is another odd fact. Rank 5 sharp steel and melee haste together supposed add about 25% dps. Upkeep cost is 60 mana + 60 energy. Rapid aura rank 5 is 50% for pet dps. Since pet dps about matches whip dps then BM's dps actually increased by 25% with rapid aura. But upkeep for rapid is 20 mana + 20 energy. So for the same 25% dps melee should pay 3 times more mana/energy and use twice more aura slots.
Comparing whippers to other melee (especially slash) isn't a realistic comparison.
Whippers don't get the 'Dice' part of 'slice and dice'
Whippers don't get Vengeance bonus

That's (when maxed) a good 20-30% bonus to melee damage that whips will never see, so comparing the cost of one bonus that affects weapons with another bonus that affects pets isn't really possible.
Also, if those gems are so weak, nobody is forcing you to use them. You could use that mana/energy for DoTs or DDs, if you think it would be more efficient.
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