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Originally Posted by Fior View Post
Moordenaar, don't make confusion. I think here we must talking about 1vs1 fight, not 1VSmany or manyVSmany.
An archer can be good in 3vs3 or 2vs2 if one of they are tank, but not so good in 1vs1.
And I am telling you this: You are an idiot if you think you (an archer) deserve another buff just to make you compete 1v1. I personally already know that archers can fight 1v1 vs a melee or caster and still stand a good chance to win but you seem to be under the impression they cannot. Now to clarify since you are apparently thick headed NOT EVERY CLASS/BUILD SHOULD BE ABLE TO BEAT EVERY OTHER CLASS/BUILD IN THE GAME THEY SHOULD HAVE COUNTERS MEANING CLASSES/BUILDS THAT THEY ARE AT A DISADVANTAGE 1V1 IF THERE WERE NOT THESE COUNTERS THE GAME WOULD NOT BE BALANCED AND WOULD NOT BE FUN. So I declare again....#Quitcherbichin'

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