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Originally Posted by Private View Post
*better implimentation of nonrestedtime, nonpaying members, and beginning play*

This game is awsome, but 6 coins per chest isn't going to cut it for the beginner. Killing rats at the dock to save up for 100 coins an get a fishing bow isn't cool. An most of us know this.

list of suggestions:

-increase chest pay to 100 coins (more so for below suggestions)
-more ways of income for beginner
-allow one trade per day from beginner an non ATM player after reaching certain lvl

And the intial pay an improvement time for experience is really low. a starter player has 1 hr first day to improve his character. an only 7 for a week. this kind of regulation might be necessary at lvl 15 an higher, but you're limitiing the time ratio for the resources beginning players have at their exposal. a starting player will want to spend 3-4 hours or more on a new cool game to get him where he wants to be. we've all spend more on pokemon. it isn't rested time. its alive time. and you're expending the time over far to big an area. im not gonna wait a week until i can finally lvl my character up to 15 or higher. i have my skyrim to get too. come on

list of suggestions:

-1/6 of exp an money in non rested time isn't a gap, its untrainable. 4/6 or 5/6 is a gap and its trainable
-for nonrested time allow one of money or exp. to be normal. let the player decide. *example: so you would get normal money ratios or exp. found in rested time and allow it to extend over nonrested time (this could also help for non ATM player can get or do on nonrestedtime)
-also let the player decide when restedtime is in affect. if im in castille, an i need to train for exp an money in fernsgrove an i only have an hour of battle time. wtf? its gonna take me my whole rested time just to go where its useful

An this is really important: What a non ATM player can get or do on nonrestedtime is important.

list of suggestions:

-ways of high income for non paid members and no rested time
-ways of high experience for non paid members and no rested time
-other ways for more income+exp in nonrested time/non paid
-change to 3-4 hrs rested time for non paid players, an full 24 hr for paid

having a paid accound is easier in some ways, but nonpaid is nearly impossible or ridiculously impractical in how fun it could be. listen this game has a very good system of working, but there are huge pocket holes. much more players would play, if there is a better implimentation of nonrestedtime, nonpaying members, and beginning play
well first off, the gold you get from chest is 100% random, even at lvl 85, i get some pretty crappy crap gold from the chests, even i still gets gold thats around 100 from lvl 86/87 mobs, hell, iv had as low as aroound 200 gold from the lvl 88 boss! you would think from a boss your for sure to get tons of gold, but you dont, even with that patch you have a chance to get 4x as much gold, its still 100% random, from the lvl 88 boss iv had any number of gold in range from 200 gold to 32k(and some change) gold.

and as for the time, yes it starts out very little, but with going to standard account you get one more hour and with premium account you get two more hours and not only that but with some learning skills you can level up and get even more time to play with that wont go away. i currently have those skills high enough i have gained an hour and 20 minutes + of time that i will always get on my characters, so now even as if i was to go N with them, i would get 2+ hours, stand i would get 3+ hours and premium I get 4+ hours everyday, and trust me, there DOES get a point to where you get so much time its to much and you just cant get rid of it. i currently have 34 hours out of 37 hours of RRT (rollover rested time) on my main and just about the same on my alt.

and as for payments, i have only bought a couple TCs a few years ago for a friend, everything i have is through sheer hard work and time, i havent ever bought a TC for myself to use
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