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yes 10 hours of nub game time would be cool but for the nature of this game.
One would realize that if we gave them this much they would want it every day
and you are just haveing a new N in the civil channel trying to take in the Breaht
of this game in a day. One hour worked for us and it weeds the crap out faster.
some do make it thru ^-^ . Nod is a small capp game and if we had 1000's of
players we could never read chat. and 5 dollars fixes this.
Skyrim cost ?$ before you open Box and then its yours.
and /c is not the most civil to all of the new N's in game they ask the same ?'s every day maybe they just need a Post area to read to start the game after say 4 hours of game time.
If they are nerd raging on the first day so be it.
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