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Originally Posted by Jon View Post
Glitchless will never give moderation powers to anyone from the playerbase, as they've stated before.

They'd rather hire college kids

And how's that worked out for them? I've been Admin of 2 MUDs primarily for more than 13 years (I was a wizard on 25 or so over the years, sometimes serious, sometimes just to help solve a coding issue), but these 2 MUDs are still both around, and though empty now for the most part, Glitch is more than welcome to log on and review our own rules, guidelines, and my posts to determine my reliability in such matters. But if they want to keep on the same path with inexperienced young kids who don't know how to keep themselves apart...their choice. I'll just keep Civil turned off.

EDIT: And for those who don't know anything about MUDs, their strength is in getting good admins FROM the playerbase.
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