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Well if you are looking for some questions/mistakes about the guide I found so far (not a complete list):

Phase 1: "Immediately do the tutorial." Part of the tutorial is to fight a few creatures to get trophies. Should we fight together as suggested later? Why not suggest grouping at this stage when we are very weak?

Phase 2: After the tutorial (wouldn't it be better to do it before?), we are to set passive advancement to passive, then when we reach skill 1, use passive to increase other skills. What about the rest of the Learning skills? Keep training passive? Train other categories? There are a bunch of learning skills, why are they all ignored after this one sentence?

"As you main stats level up..." It would be nice to put these in the order we will see them as we complete Melee, Magic, Defense, Recovery--and even tell us what "category(ies)" will be the one increased. As a side note, the guide tells us to increase max mana and mana regeneration rate, yet the first two gems we are told to get (that I could find) use energy, not mana. Is this an oversight, or will we need the mana at some point in the future? It would have been nice to find out here.

Phase 3: "Do this with all three chars while fighting in the same square." Grouped or ungrouped?

Phase 4: "You will find out why in Phase V." But we never do.

"finish all the Seer's quests in the same square, IE: together" This is the first indication that any fighting in the same square should be "together." May want to use the word "grouped" as that is what it is called in Nodiatis. As another side note, there are several places where we are to group (and even solo group), yet we are never told about the group acumen skill (or told to increase it) so what is the point of solo grouping if there is no external benefit as from fighting alone?

Phase 5: “Okay now you have no more quests until ashen trail (except for the ogre)” I never received this as a quest item. The difficulty of the fight makes it seem like a quest, though.

“Now don't "Ungroup" but put each player in their own square because: THEY WILL BE FIGHTING ALONE UNTIL LVL 4.” See earlier comment about group acumen.

“And you get between 1-3 trophies as well.” I found as I got higher in level, the number of trophies I earned were less and less. Was this an update to the game? As such, should the strategy be changed? For my characters, I earned Petmanship much later than the guide implied—I think partially because I did not get as many trophies at this stage.

Phase 6: “Now go to the Tavern and buy 2 Minor Heal, 1 Minor Repair, and 1 Angelic Disfavor.” Three issues with this... first, there is no tavern (I think you meant The Inn). Second, there are no spells called minor heal, minor repair, or angelic disfavor. I ended up purchasing Healing Touch 1 and Gradual Repair 1. In fact, I bought TWO Healing Touch and found (third) I could only equip ONE until my Gem Handling skill reached 10, but nowhere in the guide do we increase that skill. There is a similar gem that seem to do the same thing as Healing Touch called Heaven’s Glance 1 (looks green, but is a white gem) which uses Mana (instead of energy like the other two (see complaint in Phase 2)). Is that what was meant about buying 2 minor heals? But later, we are told to buy THREE of the same gem. As for Angelic Disfavor, I could not find any gem of that name I even went to some of the Nodiatis wiki’s and looked for anything close and still have no clue what you are referring to. Later in the guide (Phase 9), you mention, “They do a little bit more damage than Angelic Disfavor and are cheap.” So these are offensive spells? But you just went on against offensive spells in favor of healing spells!

“Go back to town and complete your ogre quest.” As stated in Phase 5, this was not a quest. Is it necessary to go back to town? (I assume you mean T1? Might want to explain the T1, T2... designations earlier.)

“Buy each char a RAT.” To be honest, during my first boss fight (fisherman), one character received a rat. While fighting on the docks, that SAME CHARACTER received another rat from random drops. Eventually another character received a rat from a random drop. At this point in the guide, I only had one character without a rat (and because this is a free account, I could not trade from the character with the two rats). I went to T1 to buy a rat, which they had one (must have been sold by a paying player), but I could not purchase it as my Petmanship skill was not 10 yet. Normally, though T1 does not carry rats (as other people in this thread have already mentioned).

Phase 7: “Buy each char either a Scorched Longsword or a Quickskinner. Personally I use the Quickskinner.” In Phase 6, you say “The next weapon we want is the Scorched Longsword.” I know you wrote the phases separately, but some consistency would be nice.

“If your suiting is lvl 6 go to the armor shop. Buy lvl 6 chest, arms, and legs. Buy lvl 5 helm and shield. If you are hurting for gold, go all lvl 5 stuff. You really won't notice much of a difference.” If we won’t notice much of a difference, why not just buy all 5 stuff and save our money for the next batch of armor (that is what I ended up doing even though I could afford the level 6 chest arm and legs.

Have to go. More later.
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