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i think runed flurry greatsword could use a buff. looks like nearly every other lg weapon can have +40 stones at t1, some have more than 10% hit chance, or some combination of both. as it stands, i see more people using the slasher for archery rather than melee.

i think a reasonable compromise would be along the lines of:

1. adding some str or dex to the runed flurry greatsword to allow at least +38 stones at t1, and having the uptier increase the str or dex instead of int/cnc.
2. increasing the hit chance to 15 or 20%. many archers now also use either kris or doublers, which are probably both better than the greatsword now. less archers use it than ever before, yet still more people than melee.

since we're on the subject, i think many people are discouraged from using slashing because of its wily accuracy. perhaps it could see a buff similar to piece skill, with 5% more hit chance at 100. this might alleviate the need for the hit chance buff to runed flurry i just proposed.

im no vet, but i think those changes wouldnt drastically change the landscape of the game. thank you for listening
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