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Oversection 3: Magic.

Section 3.0: Life magic.
Life magic, is the ONLY known magic that has the ability to give health back to a player, other than being a vampire.

Subsection A of section 3.0: White magic.
White magic is a very mild form of magic that consists of one HoT, one cyclic (see section [under construction]and a Direct Heal gem, all 3 use energy, but the HoT gem [blessed healing] uses both energy AND mana and is less efficient than the green HoT [regrowth]. There are also a single use Direct Damage attack gem, a recastable DD gem, and an AOE (attack all enemy) gem, a DoT [stigmata] and a damage reducing aura. ALL white magic spells consume energy, if either energy or mana is required. (As of to date.) The Direct damage magic sacrifices a CONSIDERABLE amount of maximum damage for minmum damage, which can be sequested by later abilities, boosts, and the use of staves.
NOTES: White magic is a FAIRLY inefficient form of DD magic, and should only be used if the following criteria are met:
1. Your class gets a bonus to white magic effects
2. Your class is a class intended to damage.
3. Your gem pouch has grown too large and you need gems to help fill the void.

NOTE: it is not reccomended to use anything but white HoT's, Cyclics/ DoT's unless you are a class that specializes in white magic, such as an Angel. (read above).

Subsection B of section 3.0: Green Magic.
Green magic is argueably the most powerful and efficent magic in terms of healing abilities. Green magic is the ONLY magic known to have a healing spell that does not require mana or energy[gaia's blessing]. ALL green magic spells use MANA. Green magic consists of all that white magic does, except the damage absorber is a damage mirror. Green magic can be most effectively described as the red magic of healing magic. Like red magic, it inflicts large amounts of damage, but is slightly less efficient than red magic.
If you are a druid, this is the magic for you, definitely.
1. The DoT Antigenesis requires BOTH MANA AND ENERGY
2. So does roots of vengeance (the 2nd and lesser used DoT of green magic)
3. Regrowth was the first actual healing over time gem made.

Section 3.1: Death Magic.
Death magic is some of the most powerful, and efficent magic known, but at the same time, this magic lacks healing and has few auras. Recently, the detrimental auras have been added to the black magic lineup, but red magic still does not have much to say for itself in the category of auras.

Subsection A of section 3.1: Red Magic.
Red magic is argueably the most powerful form of damaging magic in the game, in terms of maximum damage. All red magic spells consume MANA, but the DoT also consumes a negligable amount of energy. What red magic contains all that other magic contains, with the exception of what was mentioned in section 3.1.
This magic should be used by classes that expound upon direct damage magic. The DoT is quick but inefficient, yet at the same time helpful.

Subsection B of section 3.1: Black magic.
Black magic, argueably is the most EFFICIENT form of direct damage magic in existence. ALL (except one particular DoT in this magic, toxicity) use ENERGY. black magic and green magic the ONLY known magic with two [non epic] DoT's. Toxicity, a powerful poisoning spell, and Malingering, a slow but very efficient disease spell. Once again, check section 3.1 to see what black magic lacks.
Notes: Black magic has been given a few powerful auras. These are:
1. Aura of Lethargy: slows melee and ranged attacks.
2. Aura of Sloth: a rare class aura that slows melee attacks, ranged attacks, and gem draw delays.
3. Devampiric Mana aura: this aura gives mana to the bearer when the bearer has the gem active and is struck with any form of attack. It drains the mana from the opponent.
4. Devampiric Energy: same as Mana, but with energy instead.


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