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Oversection 2: Other Weapons

Section 2.1: Whips.
Whips are a lot like piercing weapons, except they deal slashing damage. Whips are fast, and sacrifice max damage for min damage like piercers. The difference between this weapon and mainstream weapons, is that whips tends to be considerably weaker than their mainstream counterparts. The difference is: whips give SIGNIFICANT boosts to what pets are able to do.
This makes a whip a good choice of weapon if you are a class that draws much of your ability from pets, such as a beastmaster, or even (such as myself) a vampire.
Section 2.2: Staves.
Staves are weapons that deal CRUSHING damage, but when in combat, the damage done is not modified by one's skill in "crushing" but one's skill in "staves", a death magic skill.
Staves, like whips, focus more so on minimum damage than crushers or slashers do. But they will get more powerful at later levels..
NOTES: The staves category has the FEWEST amount of epic items found. There are only 3 epic staves known to the game, as of current. Also, one 2h staff is considerably weaker or [if one is lucky enough to find an epic staff] equal to a weapon of the same or similar level.
ALSO: it's unwise to use a staff unless you are a CASTING class, such as a Necromancer, or a Warlock.
FINAL NOTES FOR THIS SECTION: there are no rare staves or whips at present that are KNOWN in Nodiatis.
Section 2.3: Bows.
Bows are significantly powerful weapons. Bows are similiar to piercing weapons, in the fact they require dexterity (in fact they require one's FULL dexterity, and no strength whatsoever). They differ from piercers in the fact that they are more powerful, and focus more so on maximum damage, when combined with an arrow. Also bows can be given speed boosts by wearing quivers.
NOTE: If your PRIMARY weapon is a bow, then it is reccomended that you give a +3dex : 0 str ratio (with bits of physical stamina [pst], potentially along the way if you absolutely MUST use energy consuming gems which most likely wont happen)
NOTE: You do not have to be a bow specialising class to be able to use a bow. There are other versatile classes (such as vampires) that can use bows for the opening shot in a fight. Although they might not be effetive if you enchant your INT/CNC skill too low. But that is also your choice.

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