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A clear and concise description of magics and weapons.
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Default A clear and concise description of magics and weapons.

Oversection 1: Mainstream Weaponry.

Section 1: Crushing.

Crushing weapons are argueably the "strongest" weapons in the game. I say this in this manner because crushing weapons sacrifice MIN damage in exchange for increasing MAX damage. These types of weapons are best used by classes that EXPOUND upon abilities that require high damage to be done.
Crushing weapons are also more dependent on STR than other weapons are, due to the fact the higher one's STR is, the more likely the crusher is to actually connect.

Section 1.2: Slashing.
Slashing is, in essence, the middle path weapon. Slashing gives well rounded minimum and maximum damage. This type needs a more balance than crushers in strength and dexterity. I find a 2str: 1dex ratio to do quite well, you are free to experiment with this of course. NOTE: This does not include redstributionary enchants on a weapon

Section 1.3: Piercing.
Piercing weapons, more so than ANY other style of attack expound upon minimum damage, at the sacrifice of maximum damage. At low levels, piercers start off wth normal accuracy, and then as one attains a higher level, begin to work their way up to "excellent" accuracy, and even to EPIC accuracy (now this doesnt require virtues).These weapons are best used by those who expound upon their use (as of course). And a 2dex: 1str ratio has been reccomended.
Dexterity determines, not only how likely the weapon is to hit, but also your likelihood of dealing full damage with a piercing weapon. If you intend to use a shield, the str is there to increase your chance of blocking. NOTE: if you intend to block, it's better to be a crusher than a piercer, piercers are better at parrying than blocking, and vice versa e crushers.

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