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"Collection" skill Question.
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Default "Collection" skill Question.

Okay so my collection skill is level 33. My foraging is level 52.I use foraging to train collection. My question is: Since I get exp equal to the forage level to my collection experience per berry I find,am I also correct in assuming that the collection lets me find berries just as though I was foraging?

E.g. I'm looking for high tier berries,would collection lv 33 be same as foraging 52 in terms of what I find?

The reason I ask,is because I've been finding rather low tier berries only..
I'm in a lv 55 region,and with foraging normally I find tier 10+ frequently,now,while training collection,I seem to find lower tiers and less higher.Rarily Tier 13 or higher.

I'm sure it's nothing more than my imagination running wild,however having Jeff comfirm this would be appreciated. (or anyone with a good link to previous board if such existed).

Thank you for your time.
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