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Some Newbie Questions
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Question Some Newbie Questions

I played a paladin awhile back, tried to make an invincible (PvE) character, and basically succeeded, coming out of every fight, even those several levels above, unscathed with topped H/E/M... But the fights took FOREVER...

So now I want the opposite character: an offensive powerhouse. I want the fastest-killing, fastest-xping (takes into account recovery) character possible. A few questions, then...

I figured if I went mage, I'd go jeweler because yanking out six jewels on the spot every four minutes sounds crazy, but I was wondering if the warlock skill gets any good -- a combination dmg/oh-sh** button sounds great if it works well.

I also assumed that spamming DD gems is the best way to tear down enemies quickly, but I was wondering if I should go Warrior-2H for easier recovery (mage might have to rest a ton between battles, negating that faster killing) and far fewer skills to worry about.

I'm considering levels 10 to 30. Any advice on what class to choose to wade through enemies at those levels with big damage?
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