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The man's gaze rapidly fluctuates between Clint and the dragon, yet he does not drop the object, which is now smoking out of the end that shot the electricity. Droxi lets out another roar, the sheer force of her breath forcing the man to fall back and drop the item.

Clint takes this opportunity and kicks the item behind him, closing in on the now-prostrate man. "Put your hands in the air. You are under arrest."

"You... are arresting me?"

"Yes. You will be transported to imprisonment in the dungeons of the Imperial Palace at Daris."

At this, the man on the ground begins to chuckle, growing quickly to full laughter. "Ha! Ha, you... you have GOT to be.... ha ha... kidding me! Ha... Oh. Has Ehlmaris... heehee... He's lost his mind, hasn't he? heh, heh!"

Clint stops for a moment, utterly confused by this display. He then acts, striking the man in the head with the butt of his sword, incapacitating him. He binds the strange man's hands and feet and, asking Droxi to monitor him, goes over to Indrasil, unconscious with slight internal injuries from the force of the blast. Calling upon his own brief training as a Paladin, Clint places a hand over Indrasil's heart, shuts his eyes, and utters a prayer softly. A faint light forms around his hand and transfers into the injured man. His eyes open.

"Clint... is... is the Darkforger...?"

"He's alive and bound. Droxi is watching him. Can you ride?"

"I... think so. But Clint... we should just... kill..."

"No. Lady Warbird told me she wants this man alive. I will not question that."

"You didn't... see that weapon, though."

"We will take it as evidence. It will go with you. Droxi will carry our prisoner. This way we keep them separated."

"As... you wish." Indrasil slowly stands and moves toward his horse as Clint goes to retrieve the mysterious weapon. He brings it to Indrasil, handing it to him once the Paladin is on his horse. Clint then returns to Droxi, telling her the plan. She nods and grabs the unconscious man.

"Indrasil, you take your time getting back to the Palace. We will fly ahead to drop him off, and will come get you once that is done." The paladin nods, and the Rider climbs onto the dragon's back. They quickly rise into the skies, taking off for the capital.

After about an hour, they arrive at the Imperial City of Daris and land outside the Palace. Clint leaps off the dragon, taking hold of the prisoner as two guards approach. "What is this?"

"We have a prisoner on the command of Lady Warbird. We must escort him to the dungeon immediately."

The guards nod. One moves to help Clint carry the unconscious man. The other speaks up: "I shall inform Her Highness immediately. You two go ahead and lock him up." Clint nods and they move quickly, putting the man in the dungeon. Clint rushes back to Droxi and they go to meet with Indrasil to escort him back safely.

Meanwhile, Lady Warbird strolls casually down to the dungeon. As she arrives at the man's cell, he wakes up. "So... you are the one that has caused this trouble. You are the one that caused my husband such distress. Tell me, is it true? Are you a Darkforger?"

The man looks at her, eyes barely open. "Y...yes. I am."

She kneels down next to the bars. "Do you have a name, Darkforger?"


Warbird rises to her feet. "Very well, Snarsh Darkforger. I am Warbird. And I have many questions for you."

((Had to split this into two separate posts due to character count being over 12k :P turns out 10k is the max allowed.))
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