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Clint raises a suspicious eyebrow. "I... see. I think. Well... I think I'll go and see to her, see if I can figure out what the hell you're talking about. Give the family my best, and let them know I'll stop by and see them in the morning, or at least before returning to Darislav with our reply to the request, once we've settled on something." He walks out of the room and trods toward his chambers. Gift? Gift? What could he possibly mean, gift? The Rider enters the room and sees Kate finishing the dishes from their meal.

"My love... I believe we had something to discuss."

She turns around, showing an anxious smile. Biting her lip, as she tends to do when her nerves start to take over, she walks over and puts her arms around him. "Yes... we do. Clint..."

He holds his wife close to him, clutching her tight in anticipation. "Yes?"

"I'm...." She tightens her grip such that a nail or two digs into Clint's back. "I'm pregnant."

The two stand in silence, holding each other close.
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