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Clint smiles as Thor enters the room. "Heh. Quit your babbling, old friend, it seems to be nothing dire at all." He walks forward and grasps his fellow Rider's hand. "As far as we can tell, anyway. The current news is that Lady Warbird wants to secure mining rights in the foothills. She assures me that the Empire will be there for the sole purpose of extracting raw materials. The current deals we have with them as far as diplomatic treaties, trade, and recruitment would remain in tact. In addition, she says she is willing to provide compensation for these rights, most likely in monetary form but potentially through expanded recruitment."

He sits down at the table and catches his breath for a moment. "But that's all politics. There's something else going on here. Not 'here' as if to say relevant to the mining request, mind you - but more to deal with the Darislav Empire in general." He pauses a moment. "Ehlmaris is... indisposed. Last I saw of him was when he called for me about two weeks ago. He's been summoned by his... superiors. I know not why. The lands are left in Warbird's charge for now, and she seems to be taking Indrasil as an advisor to represent the Holy Order to her since Ehlmaris is absent. I worry about her, to be honest."

He lowers his head momentarily, then shakes it as if to shake off the grim mood these thoughts have created in the room. He rises and approaches Thor again. "But no matter. She will be fine, I'm sure. We'll discuss this more later - you go and see to your family. I'll be in my quarters if you should need me."
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