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(Sorry it took me so long, after my hotmail hacking i forgot about this one going on -_- *Slaps self*)

Thor and Jacuel patroled the southern borders of Darislav, the home they were born in some hundreds years past. Now the new era of Riders were here and they held equal rule over the land with the King. Not long had they parted from the council. It seemed to be an eternity away from their mates and loved ones, though in reality it had only been a couple of weeks. To uphold their rule of the Rider Council they had to both order and do the same tasks of the other rider. That and they had a special task of finding potential recruits that they could train. Any youngling that had magical possiblities were considered for a test of intelligence and strength. They found two potentials and had sent runners to the King for the official requests.

They started on their two day journey back to the Rider Council so they could rest and what for a runner to call for them, Jacuel had requested that the Dragon villages send volunteers to settle at the base of their mountian both for protection and messengers. All the while keeping both Human passerbys and Dragons safe and fed under them. Thor could not help but smile as he tought of the good that has come from the recent wars.
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