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Client Updates and Minor Enhancements
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Default Client Updates and Minor Enhancements

The gem pouch cannot be changed immediately after entering an arena pouch to prevent accidental swaps.

The skill descriptions for Processing and Construction have been updating to reflect the buff they got months ago.

When you are revived you will hear a gong similar to the enter arena gong to alert you to the fact. This will help people in 3v3 seasons who may change windows when they die in arena waiting for a match to end.

Client Upgrades
The alternative clients (standalone PC/Mac, phone) have had a new bindable function added to the hotbar allowing for toggling arena queue.

Using Equipment/Rune/Pouch combo set hotkeys will only change the parts that differ from what you currently are using. This will prevent unnecessary gem clears and attack delay penalties.

The PC standalone client will now rename the window to the logged on character.

The PC standalone client will now flash the taskbar icon when entering arena if the window does not have focus.
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