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Might as well, I know someone who can 1hit kill almost everytime in Nlake with a piercer and this person only has 2 t1 lg arms and rest is like 88 gear and skills are not all there...

My crusher would almost kill it in 1 hit, not close enough... THEN if I don't miss the next long delayed hit I can possibly finish it off...

Im not saying one thing is better than the other, im just saying I would like to see what ever glitch is planning so I can go from there for what I wanna do in arena... Atm I will use the 2hand lg piercer or the new 2hand slasher when I form my real team because the dps on the 2 are just sickening

This is from my judgment, of having every single melee skill at 100, not 1 is below 100. using proper stats for each weapon. So imo my observation is about as fair as it can get. but I make mistakes too
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