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Glitchless 10-31-2019 06:28 PM

v2.214 Browser Client More Enhancements
The HTML5 browser client has been optimized for better performance across all devices.

When using this client via mobile browsers, you will now be able to use the standard, full-colored Nodiatis font instead of being forced to use the ugly system font.

The browser client supports all major browsers on desktop and on mobile. On mobile, you can use the default Safari on iOS, Samsung Internet on Android, etc, without needing to download any special apps. Please bear with us while we continue to implement the hotbar, at which point playing via your mobile browser will be far more convenient.

You can now pan/zoom with an item selected or an option menu open.

You can now pan/zoom without worry of where you release the pan/zoom, which in the past night trigger an action. This makes Hovermode obsolete on mobile, so the icon for it was removed. Note, all those mobile icons will be made obsolete and removed when the hotbar is completed.

Double tapping will no longer cause the window to zoom out.

Changed companion wording from Walking/Dancing to Strolling/Dancing since walking was contradicting the fact that some of them were actually flying, causing confusion.

Glitchless 11-02-2019 09:22 PM


Fixed some browser compatibility bugs and prepping for hotbar.

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