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Huggles 02-02-2019 04:13 PM

Silk Burner and Rune Crusher
Silk Burner
This item burns all silks under a certain tier that enter your inventory upon auto-looting.

Rune Crusher
This item crushes all runes under a certain rarity and rank that enter your inventory upon auto-looting.

Allow each one to have the desired rarity/tier/rank set.

Tsutsu 02-02-2019 04:13 PM

Support. Destroying silks and runes is a really annoying part of the game.

Darklords 02-02-2019 06:07 PM

Mega support dunno how many of these things i destroy

ShadeDaScout 02-02-2019 06:27 PM

Ultra support

Oreano 02-02-2019 10:35 PM


sierracoop 02-04-2019 10:47 PM

But you'd be better off selling that item to the store!

Lakki 02-07-2019 07:04 AM

Mega ultra support, most of us don't keep runes lower than R5, or t21 silks.

Davross 02-16-2019 02:30 AM

having a permanent trash can (as suggested years ago) would solve this problem.

blackpanther 02-16-2019 10:36 AM

Trash can in arena, I don't wanna place a Haste gem on top of a Haste gem. I'm sure Apoc users don't need to through another to shatter nothing

Tip 02-16-2019 03:23 PM

I agree with trash can, probs simplest way since this doesn't add anything to the game. Could be present only during looting/resourcing and programmed for only silks, runes, resources.

I like to sell low tier resources to the stores. I've gotten a lot of thank yous from lower levels (especially faceless ones). However, runes cannot be sold to store anyway. >,>

Tip 02-16-2019 03:24 PM

Unless.... there is something in the works for 'recycling' runes? :O

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