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Talgorion 08-14-2009 05:06 AM

3 last noob questions
ok i have spent 2 and a half days searching and i cant find anything relating to my 3 questions left....

1. Is there a cap on the level for each individual skill under a skill catigory such as sorcery under life magic? Oh and is it run the same as stats a cap of 100 or a combined of 280????

2. All stats (magic, defence, etc...) have a cap of 100 but what the heck is the cap and pourpose of "Class enhancement"????

3. What are the starting statpoints for any giving char before class modifications or is it all based on the classes?

Decker 08-14-2009 05:31 AM

1. the cap is 100 for each individual skill, there is no combined cap for each category.

2. the cap is 280 combined skills in the 4 stats, class enhancement increase your innate class bonus.

3. each class has there own starting stats. this modification you speak of is just the exp bonus or penalty you get for leveling up that specific stat, unless you were refering to some other modification i'm unaware of.

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