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Glitchless 06-19-2019 09:27 AM

Arena Season 23 Rush/End Scheduled
Important Dates
Friday night, July the 5th, 11:59pm server time: Arena Rush Starts
Saturday night, July the 13th, 11:59pm server time: Arena Season Ends

The following day we will record the winning players based on rating and give the rewards which range from TCs to undiscovered legendary items. Details can be seen in the FAQ (link at bottom of any Nodiatis page).

How Arena Rush Works
During the rush heavy participation will be required to solidify your place at the top. Players will need to play at least 4 games a day (starting that Friday, PRIOR to rush) to avoid Fast Rating decay, instead of the usual 1. Due to the multiplicative nature of the decay, if you wanted to avoid rating decay for 2 days without play, you would need to play 16 games. You would need to play 64 games in one day for 3 days of avoidance. Players are best off playing as many games as possible (4 a day keeps decay away!) because there will also be a 30% bonus to all rating increases during this final rush.

Rating decay is more significant during rush week as well. You will lose 5% of your Fast Rating each day you fail to meet participation requirements as opposed to the usual 2%. Slow Rating will decay by 2% each day regardless of participation as opposed to the usual 1%.

If this is an arena season with variable drop chance, the double drop bonus will also decay faster than usual during rush, requiring 50% more fights per day to maintain your current total. This should be possible, however, due to your available queues being reset to the maximum 400 at the start of the rush.

Once rush has begun, players will not be able to register for participation, so make sure you have already done so!

The Aftermath
Remember, the week after a season ends you can get tempers on items 2 tiers above normal due to a lessening of the rating restrictions. So save up your tokens and try to get a high-end temper on your favorite item that would normally be out of reach.

There are also whispers that a legendary evil lurks. When it will show itself, no one knows.

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