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Glitchless 10-12-2017 02:30 AM

Arena Tweaks, Permdeath Quest Exploit Fix, Steam Account Conversions
Steam Conversions
Players who have Steam based accounts can now convert to a normal account in-game by going to:
Account Options -> Change Account Password

By assigning a password it will automatically convert your account to
standard, nonSteam logins, and you will need to use, download a standard client or mobile app to login with your new password.

Permdeath Quest Exploit Fix
Dying as a PK or in a Deathmatch will not reset your quests, as this was potentially exploitable for quest farming purposes. They will not count as rerolls either. You can reroll immediately afterwards if you want to, of course.

Arena Changes
In order to prevent the practice whereby players reformed teams to purposefully reduce their team rating and then beat other teams in order to make them lose more rating than they should (aka spoiler teams) we are doing the following:

-Teams will not be allowed to be formed or modified during Rush Week. Better get situated now!
-Individual rating will now be perpetual. It will not reset between seasons.
-Individual rating will decay extremely slowly.
-A winning team's average individual rating will be used in place of their actual team rating for the purpose of determining the amount of points a losing team will lose IF the winning team's average individual rating exceeds their team rating. This will mean the losing team will potentially lose far less points if they are facing a newly formed team that, in spite of their low team rating, they were still expected to get easily beaten by.
-All matchmaking will be done via Individual Rating such to not give a queue advantage to people who continually reform teams.
-The token penalty for having a higher individual rating than your team rating has been removed. This is no longer necessary due to the above matchmaking change.

-No more team mods during Rush Week
-Players who keep remaking teams won't hurt your team's rating by more than they would have if they had not remade their team.

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