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Vuxxa 09-09-2010 04:55 AM

Ancients Might
(Open RP)
An Introduction

“Shadow” sat still at a round table near the eastern wall of the tavern. His arms laid flatly across it's surface, one hand laying atop the other. The ridges of the old wood sticking up and pressing against his skin through the fabric of his sleeve. Numerous tables scattered the cold stone floor. Many had two or three people sitting together, talking and drinking their ale. A few of the tables were filled with the maximum of five people chatting away and getting drunk. Different types were scattered through the crowd, most sitting though some stood in crowds. There were travelers, workers, farmers, and old graying men. A few men here and there stood around the tavern with a mug in one hand, and excitedly moving their free hand around, telling fantastic stories of there adventures and battles. Those standing around and those sitting nearby watch intently. Of course they were adventurers, whether they were lying or not, these stories usually got them another round.

Though he tried to ignore such distractions, he was on important “business”. His body was mostly covered by a dark cloak, almost black. A large hood hung over his head, keeping his face in shadow. Only the tip of his nose and chin stuck out, the chin showing a thick patch of stubbly hairs. Dim light illuminated the tavern, throwing shadows across the man’s face that sat across from him. Both of their heads were leaning over the table. The man whispered hurriedly, “I just don‘t know if I can go through with it. What if somebody finds out, I would be ruined. No, worse!”

The man “Shadow” shook his head, leaning in closer, their faces only inches apart. The chair squeaked a bit, scooting back closer to the wall, as it was positioned there for a better view of both the front and side door. ”I would suggest otherwise Halvard. I‘ll need more from you than that.”

“But… I just can’t. You know how things are.” said Halvard as his eyes darted to the left and right.

A sly little smile spread across his face, though hidden by the shadows "Do you really think I would come here of all places just for that worthless bit of information. I‘ll need more than that, or have you forgotten just who I am.” Before the man could answer the front door opened, it was situated nearly twenty feet from their position, nearly center of the wall on the left side of the building. A man stood in the threshold, behind him the dusky dark light outside could clearly be seen. Armor covered most of his body, there was a gold colored symbol center of his chest plate Damn, a soldier. “Shadow” turned his eyes from the soldier and began speaking to Halvard again, ”Well, It seems like it‘s just about time for me to leave. Be sure to keep this little meeting of ours secret.” Halvard shook his head yes as “Shadow” stood up from the table, working his way through the people, nearly bumping into a woman serving drinks, walking to the side exit which was situated almost right next to the bar. Suddenly a hand lay upon his shoulder, looking back, it was the soldier.

He imagined himself spinning around and knocking the soldiers hand away, before leaping backwards with a spray of throwing knives, all embedding themselves into the man's body like a pin cushion. Of course he didn't do this, he simply spun around punching the soldier in his nicely unguarded face, before running to the door and throwing it open. Of course things couldn't go so well, Dammit!, he thought as the door revealed three new soldiers on the other side. His eyes darted between the three, their faces stern, gripping their swords tightly. The defeat was easily seen across his face. "Shadow" then turned around, the soldier he just punched lumbered towards him with blood running from his nose, it was red, and beginning to swell. He wore a disgusted and angry look on his face. Three more soldiers were working their way to him through the stunned patrons, several of whom were whispering.

"Desmond Aarhus" said one one of the approaching men.

Desmond put on a dumbfounded smile, "Oh, you think that I'm this Desmond guy." He could see Halvard slowly creeping out of the tavern. Yeah, go ahead, get out of here you bastard.

The man pulled out a scroll, "That would be because you are." He then began to read from it naming off various crimes and such. Yes, Desmond should be seeing bars for a fairly long time. Before long two soldiers grabbed him by the arms and escorted him into the darkening streets, leading him to his new "home", the Gaaryule Prison.

Desmond or "Shadow" has broken a few laws of course. His search his been going on for quite a while now. Gathering information here and there, some from his informants. He's occasional had to "acquire" things from important people. Though to him it was all perfectly reasonable and worthwhile, fore what he was looking for was of the utmost value. Others beside him also searched, though not only because it was valuable, but because of the power it held. A power so great, the world would fall to the holder. As such was the nature of the relics of the ancients. The ancients relics often could do strange things, though there were several that are said to hold terrible power, like the one Desmond is searching for. Only few know of it, those that do, call it, Sanctus Fire, Rod of the Decrepit, or Star Gem. Though, whether or not these are all the same thing is yet to be determined.

ketotsue 09-27-2011 04:25 PM

Bound by Fate
(Time to revive these little side RP's I think)

" Surely you remember this place?"

His eyes slowly opened and blury details began to focus as he adjusted to the dim light given off by the scarce torches around the room. He sat with his wrists bound in steel to a cold stone chair in the middle of the council chambers. In front of him was a lone man sitting on a simple wooden chair in the middle of an otherwise empty stone council room. Behind the man were three large stone thrones carved into the room, the middle chair is where the man speaking would normally be.

" You must have known this day was coming... As you know it is death that normally awaits your kind. To turn ones back to the order is a great sin... But recent events have shown me another path for you. Castus... there is a man currently being dragged into a prison to rot, he is criminal yes but there is more to him and it is for this reason you will be helping this man. Remember you are no longer a member of this order an as such you will have to get creative to free him from his chains... Oh and failure in this will mean death"

With that the council leader stood up and walked through the large wooden doors of the chamber. As the door slammed shut behind him one of the steel restraints that bound him gave off a strange click and feel to the floor the other however gave off a strange blue glow and simply pulled away from the chair leaving itself attached to his left wrist.

Of course... and what of my own chains?

The still glowing wristband would not be so easy to remove. This was the council leaders insurance. Should Castus again turn his back he would have no where to hide, not while wearing a magical beacon and who knows what else it would be capable off.

Castus stood up rubbing his wrists while walking towards the back of the room. Obviously he was no longer a member of the order and would not get a warm reception upon walking out the front door.

He slid his hand over the stone wall looking for something inparticular. Slowly he worked his way around the room until his hand came across a strange change in the texture of the room. The stone here was perfectly smooth and it was exactly what he was looking for. With a quick thrust, the smooth stone slid backwards into the wall and with a slight click a neighboring block of stone slid away from the room revealing a secret path out of the chamber.

Only one place for the worst of this nation, gaaryule prison... what a vile place.

With his destination set Castus walked through the dark passageway anxious to put the council chambers far behind him.

I suppose my choices are pretty limited here

Vuxxa 10-02-2011 01:23 AM

Gaaryule Prison
The most vile and depraved of the criminally minded are locked away to rot for the rest of their lives in the dark stinking hole that some person had the thought to name. Though the namely certainly isn't ingenious. It rests nearly three to five miles south-west of the city walls of the capital city Gaaryule. Now, Gaaryule Prison does not only house murderers. Oh, there are indeed many depraved murderers and the like, but also many enemies of the state, such as those who have committed high treason. This group also contains a fair amount of those that the nobility or others in power just don't like.

Desmond Aarhus falls somewhere within the latter group. There are those in the position of power that do not like him. Though he has indeed committed various crimes, none that would warrant sending him to a place such as Gaaryule Prison.

The daily life within such places is horrendous, the guards regularly beat inmates for the sake of amusement. Little food or water is given. Those that are aloud out of their cells perhaps have it worse where keeping oneself alive is concerned. Chances are that somebody’s waiting to kill you, perhaps you did something that they believe was against them somehow, or perhaps they did it because they thought it would be fun or funny to watch you die.

Of course there are those that aren't aloud out from behind the bars of their cell. Even rarer are those that aren't aloud away from the short vicinity of the wall they are chained too. Just enough length for them move around their bed area.

They suffer the worse. Perhaps they don't have to worry about a prisoner killing them. But slowly, their body weakens from low use. They grow sickly and frail. They long for the sunshine, the wind. Anything but a cold damp cell with nothing to look at except for the stone walls and floor with the mostly stale air to breath. Their mind decays along with their body, fantasy their only escape from the nothingness that is now their life. Eventually they may completely loose themselves.

Desmond, or 'Shadow' as he often calls himself was in just such a predicament. He sat on his bed, back against the wall. Chains handing from his wrists and ankles, already irritating the skin from constant wear. The hunger already weakening him along with minimal use of his muscles. Not even a barred window to let anything from the outside in. Across from him, dark, damp, stone with a thick wooden door in the center of the wall with a small barred square near the top for the guards to look in at him.

One guard on his patrol in the hall looked in and sneered at him. "Ay, shadow. I see you aven't done anything yet. I thought you would have escaped by now".

"Heh, I'm just biding my time" Desmond replied "Why are you wasting time here anyway. Aren't you throwing away valuable peeping time. It is the warden's bathing time isn't it?" The guard simply scowled before walking away.

As the guard left, Shadow closed his eyes in thought I need to get out of here.

ketotsue 10-02-2011 09:30 PM

Crimson Steel
There was one fortunate thing about having been brought back to the order's base of operations. It was conveniently placed within the city of Gaaryule making the trip to the jail relatively quick. Obviously he wouldn't be able to simply flash a pardon and get his target released firstly because he no longer held the political power granted by the order and second the council leader of the order "Nox" as he calls himself had passed over giving Castus the name of the person he was to free.

I suppose placing steel in flesh will not solve anything here either... luckily prison guards hardly have an intelligent reputation.

It was no time before he was walking through the massive wooden doors to the prison. The walls were all the same uniform slightly damp grey stone. A few torches burned around the room lighting up the bleak environment. The entry room guarded the only other exit and directly beside the hall way leading into the prison chambers sat a large wooden desk and behind it sat a rather large man. The man obviously disliked visitors and as quickly as his girth would allow stood up.

" AY what are you doing here? This is a... re...restricted area no civilians allowed!"

Castus slowly walked up to the desk and placed his hands on the edge of the wood. He then moved his right hand to the side and revealed a small pile of gold coins.

" " A dear friend of mine has just been brought in here. I believe he has been mistaken for someone else and is now being kept in your high security areas. Now I know you can do nothing to change his situation but could you find a way for me to speak to him before an unfortunate fate finds him."

The man behind the desk looked him over for a few seconds while nervously tapping his fingers on the top of his desk. After a few minutes passed he grabbed the coins and began to fumble around in the drawers until finding a large ring of keys.

" Follow me. "

The guard then took them through a virtual maze of cells. The prisoners all howling crude obscenities at the guard in front of him, some even going to such lengths as to throw their own... creations at the poor man. Whipping away the residue the leading man began to shout every foul word he could think of at the inmates while unlocking another large door and pointing at Castus to step inside first. After the guard immediately followed forgetting to re-lock the door. Within a few moments the guard stopped in front cell and began to speak.

" All right ere you go now hurry up. Desmond better enjoy the company while it lasts.

With this Castus quickly pulled a small dagger our from under his cloak and placed it into the guards throat. Blood splattered out around the blade with a few drops of the crimson liquid staining the white fabric of his clothing. The man gurgled on his own fluids for a few seconds and then his eyes stopped twitching and he feel to the floor. Castus then turned to the cell that held his target and used the knowledge granted to him from The Order. He pointed his hand at the lock on the cast iron bars and then focused his energy.


Quickly the lock began to change colors. Going from the solid gray it was and becoming a dull brown. Soon after the metal obtained a vigorous build up of rust and within moments the metal began to simply flak away leaving the metal bars to slowly sway open. Castus then stepped into the room and repeated the spell on the clasps binding the man to the wall.

" No time to explain, grab the guards sword and lets move."

Vuxxa 10-05-2011 10:25 AM

The Escape Begins
The warden sat in his chair in his large office, having no needs or hardship while brutality was carried out in the building surrounding him. He sat content as the man on the other side of his desk finished speaking. Taking a sip of his drink and brushing away a speck of dirt on his nice clothing, he then leaned forward, closer to the desk. Looking at the man before him, the King's adviser, he spoke. "I see. I'll have him brought in right away Albrose".

The warden then looked to the door and called for a guard standing outside. When the man walked in, before he could even react the warden said "Take a few men and bring the prisoner Desmond Aarhus, immediately!" The guard quickly left the room to do as he was told. The warden looked at his glass a few seconds before returning his gaze to Albrose. "This plan of yours, it seems kind of desperate. There are so many ways it could go wrong. But I guess this is the best chance to get it."

Albrose gave a cold look, "The feasibility or appearance of this plan are no concern of yours Farrel". The words nearly emotionless except a hint anger.

Farrel seemed to brush it aside and gave a deep sigh. "Just as long as I'm compensated it doesn’t matter to me. Just an idol observation. I do hate to loose good men though. Too bad those guards have to die."

Ambrose spoke in reply, "Do not worry. You will be adequately compensated for your dealings in this. And the guards, it is something that must be. No undesirable can know, so they must be silenced."

Desmond sat in his cell just as he has any other time, waiting, but for what. He didn't even know himself. He only had hope, hope that something would happen, something that would give him the chance he needs to escape. Little did he know that that something was going to happen sooner and in a much different way than he expected.

He could hear a commotion in another hall. The inmates shouting and cursing, and then barely audible replies over the noise. Probably a guard he thought. But it isn't time for a guard yet, he wondered what could be happening. Then, he could hear the door in the hall opening up and people walking to his cell. He could see the guard through the barred opening in the door, but a other man was mostly obscured.

The guard then spoke "All right ere you go now hurry up. Desmond better enjoy the company while it lasts." This of course surprised him. A visitor, who would come to see me? I can't believe they would even let them in. It was then that 'Shadow' heard a blade penetrating flesh and a small gasp before a body fell to the ground.

It was then that something even more shocking happened when he heard the mysterious man on the other side of the door speak, "Senium". Not long after that the metal of the lock began to rust, rapidly, and door handles seemed to fall apart and dissolve to nothing but rusty flakes on the floor. This leaving the door to simply swing open.

The man then stepped into the cell, saying the same thing again and his cuffs and chains dissolved, just like the lock. Magic, Desmond though as his brown eyes watched the metal fall apart. He then stood up before the man, but before he could say anything the man spoke first. Desmond of course agreed with what was said, he would indeed need a sword. So he swiped the guards.

As Desmond began following the strange rescuer they soon ran into three guards who walked out from a side hall. Without a hint of hesitation, he thrust his blade into the lead guard, whose eyes widened in surprise. Wasting no time he pulled the blade effortlessly from the body while dashing to the guard on the left, slashing the blade right across the mans throat as the guards blade left the sheath, the blade immediately falling to the floor.

That's two down he thought. He looked as the guard farthest away had his sword out. Then immediately in front of them came another guard, running with sword in position.

ketotsue 10-07-2011 10:12 PM

As he expected his target was quick to agree with his plan of action. Castus was fortunate to remember his previous path and it would be a quick journey back through the prison, good news having just broken a prisoner loose. Soon enough the guards were onto them, three came from a side wall and gave a vain order to halt. Desmond was swift in driving his new sword into the guard in front and in quick order brought down the guard to the left. But this left him far from striking distance to what had been the final guard before another showed up. Luckily his display had forced the last two guards to forget all about Castus, who quickly brought his right hand to his left hand side where he would normally keep his sword.

This time however he had entered the prison without his weapon. His hand was forced and the only option was to drain the final reserves of his magic. Castus brought his right hand up and pointed it at the man now charging towards Desmond.

"Iacio silicis"

As the words left his mouth the iron clasp on his left arm gave off a slight blue glow which drained a fraction of the magic he had intended to use on his target. Still the spell took hold and in seconds the loose rocks around the hall ways started pulling themselves off the ground. A single second passed after this point and then the small stones all lodged themselves deep into the guards body. With his magic now drained he walked forward and grabbed one of the several blades now littering the stone floor.

With his new weapon at the ready he went back to leading the way out of the prison.

Vuxxa 10-13-2011 01:07 AM

As Desmond watched his rescuer finish of the rest of the guards he couldn't help but notice the he had reached for his left side as if going for a sword. So, he's used to carrying a sword then. Not often that you see a spell caster using a sword. After this small observation he searched a couple of the bodies while the rescuer picked a guards sword, finding a few coins and a Spell Gem. Grinning at this, he jogged over to his rescuer who was already leaving.

Of course now the prisoners were in a real riot, cheering, yelling, and of course cursing in joy. Some yelling to be released from this hell hole. "I'm glad you know the way, whoever you are. I would probably be lost by now."


Meanwhile, In the Warden's office

The door burst open with a single guard, "Sir, we've just discovered several men dead!" he shouted with a sense of urgency. Farrel jumped out of his seat, knocking the chair backward and slamming his hand down on the desk. "What!" he shouted in anger. Before anything else could be said another guard charged in, out of breath, the very same guard sent to fetch Desmond Aarhus.

"Sir!" he said in between breaths, "Desmond Aarhus is GONE!". Farrel's eyes widened in surprise, "I went to the cell just as you ordered, with two men." continued the guard. "A guard was found dead outside the cell, with his sword missing! Th...the lock on the door appeared to have just...rusted to pieces! The same with the shackles!"

Farrel began to shake in anger, his face contorting into a snarl. Knocking everything off his desk in a swipe of the arm, he snatched up a battle ax leaning against the wall by his chair in a fluid motion and charged the guard with an insane look in his eyes. The guard had a look of pure terror etched on his face as the ax came down on his head, cleaving through the entire body, and hitting the floor with the sound of metal on wood.

Where the now bloody ax sat there was a large chunk taken from the floor. Farrel's breath heavy in anger he looked at the other guard who was now shaking in fear. "YOU!!" he shouted, causing the man to shake even more. "I want everybody down to the gate. Stop him!! He will not leave this prison! NOW!"

The guard quickly saluted "Yes Sir" before bolting from the room. "At least now there's one less guard that knows about our planned meeting with Desmond.", Albrose said while staring coldly down at the other guards corpse. "Though you should control your temper Farrel."

"Why won't you shut the HELL up!!" Farrel shouted while pointed his ax at Albrose

"There's your temper again Warden. One of these days it just might get you killed." Albrose said with a hint of a threat. "I know even one such as yourself knows how much of a mistake it is to point something like that at me."

Albrose then turned his back to Farrel, whispering to himself "That council certainly acted quickly. I expected as much. I guess this contingency plan was unneeded." His eyes momentarily glowed white from within his hood. "Its time my Wraith"

ketotsue 01-11-2012 05:02 PM

It was Desmond that spoke first."I'm glad you know the way, whoever you are. I would probably be lost by now."

"It's not very far to be honest, had they kept you deeper within these walls this day may have gone differently." With that he trailed off preferring to save the niceties for a time when men weren't actively trying to kill them.

Their path continued for some time with random guards running into them throughout the halls each one dying quicker than the last. It seemed an endless supply of men roamed these halls, obviously a facility such as this would require a large force to keep controlled but still Castus couldn't help but wonder how many could be left.

It was not long however before he found the room he had been heading for. They now stood in the entryway of the prison the large desk was still empty but the rest of the room was another story. He had hoped to beat the soldiers here but it was a small hope in the first place. And now a small legion of twenty soldiers stood guarding the large double doors all clad in combination of chain and plate mail, the plate mail guarded the vital areas such as the head and torso. While they wore simple chain around their arms and legs to preserve speed and flexibility. As for weapons they all wielded halberds but kept short swords sheathed on their sides. This was a clear distinguishing mark of a high ranking military unit.

" I had hoped we would avoid this, means there are probably even more of them outside... Hope your ready Desmond."

He then lunged forward and dashed towards the group of soldiers, at the midway point he dove into a roll which ended just infront of an enemy. Using this momentum he thrust his sword upward and drove his blade in between the chain mail that lay in between the plate armor of the mans torso and helmet... leaving chain mail to protect their throats had proven to a be mistake. Castus then quickly followed up and threw his dagger downward pinning down the foot of the man standing next to him. Now the soldiers had recovered and as a single unit all lunged forward hoping to kill Castus in one quick thrust. But their armor slowed their movements and Castus jumped backwards narrowly avoiding the wall the steel.

He then spoke to the man he had rescued without taking his gaze from their enemy.

"This is going to take much to long at this rate."

ketotsue 05-25-2012 08:20 PM

Of Hollow Steel
The clang of metal on metal rang out again as the warriors in front of them lunged forth in unison trying to cleave through any exposed body parts. Each time they lunged they would again retreat back to the doorway leaving no room to circumvent the trap they had sprung. And in what only seemed like seconds even more armed guards piled into the room from the hallway the two men had used in their escape.

One of the men standing in front of the doorway then spoke,

" Lay down your weapons or die as you can see your odds have just taken an even bigger turn for the worse!"

It was in these moments that Castus began trying to come to grips with his failure. A failure that would inevitably cost both of them their lives...

Castus knew the battle was over but he wouldn't just lay down and die... The man slowly lowered his right hand towards the ground, then just before the tip of the blade made contact with the stone floor he flicked his wrist upwards and flung the steel blade towards the captain instructing him to surrender. The sudden move surprised them all apparently as not even the target had time to respond. Whistling threw the air the blade soon found its mark cleaving through the captains chain mail neck guard and pinning him to the doors. It was only then the room grew quit enough to hear the storm raging outside.

A few seconds went by but no one moved it was as if time itself had commanded this point in history to freeze. Rain pelted against the grand doors, its droplets falling so hard they could sometimes be heard bouncing off the small metal tip of the new blood stained adornment outside... The chorus was quickly cut short however when an almost deafening thunder clap cut through the silence.

Or at least that is what Castus had assumed the sound to be. The thunder clap had been quickly followed up with in immense red light pouring through the cracks in the large wooden doors. Seconds passed and the light grew more intense, as the light grew the wooden seemed to darken turning almost completely black around the spaces where the red light shun brightest. Flames the sprung to life poking through the now widening holes like the tongue of a hungry dragon, and within seconds catastrophe.

The doors were then eviscerated as the flames suddenly burst forth in a great tide consuming the armed guards standing in front of them so completely only their metal garb remained to bear their testament. These flames were quick lived however and lost their strength almost immediately fading away before the wave of death reached the two. In their wake was a charred doorway cloaked in smoke and ruble. Through the smoke and rain however a lone figure could be made out its only remarkable feature being a single glowing white eye on the right side.

Vuxxa 06-13-2012 03:24 AM

Consumming Flames of Wraith
Dammit! I should have known! Desmond thought with a grimace. So, here is where his fate lies, to be the pin cushion for the guards spears. Or maybe if he's lucky enough he'll pass out from pain or blood loss, to be a prisoner again. Or maybe that should be unlucky, death would probably be better than getting shoved into a cage again to rot. In reply to Casus' question Desmond answered, "I guess I'm as ready as I'll ever be." and sighing in grim resignation to his fate. At least I can take down a few.

Castus had taken lead, though Desmond wasn't really paying attention to him that much now. One of the men immediately rushed him, thrusting his spear point towards his face. He immediately fell too one knee, grabbing the shaft of the halberd and jerking the main forward as he did, going into a reverse grip and plunging his blade in a spot where several plates met in the chest, the guards falling weight forcing the blade in. Desmond almost spun to the left allowing the guard to fall and knowing another halberd strike down to the floor and quickly driving his blade into the man's face.

Yet more halberds swung or thrust as Desmond narrowly weaved around or batted aside their blades. One over extended himself and Desmond pulled him forward, druving his sword through the chain mail over the man's underarm, before kicking the heavily bleeding man toward the others knocking a few back before falling onto another guards halberd. This buying him breathing room as he quickly backed away. Desmond grunted in reply to Castus' comment as two charged him in anger, he quickly dove to the right slashing at the knees. Luckily his blade bit through chain mail into flesh, the man's leg weakening. But before Desmond could even smirk about it another halberd shot for his face, his sword narrowly shooting up to divert the attack. The blade shooting over his shoulder instead, almost skimming over the fabric of Desmonds shirt. He tried to roll forward to get into the kill but man took a few steps back, dropping the halberd, then, sword met sword.

More men quickly charged and him, causing Desmond to leap back even farther. Than was when he heard more boots stomping in. Any retreat was a thing of the past now, as more guards came in from the hall the two had came from. No way forward no way back. No way out of the prison and no way to escape these soldiers. His eyes going ever the soldiers faces, some smirking, some hardened, all of who’s job right now is to kill him and Castus. Fate's always a bitch like this he nearly laughed to himself, You really wanted me bad I guess. You couldn't just wait a minute or two more. It had to be right this moment. Well, you've got me.

The captain spoke up " Lay down your weapons or die as you can see your odds have just taken an even bigger turn for the worse!" This was ridiculous of course, when the odds of death are one hundred percent in a fight, it really doesn't matter how much farther the odds of death go, it's still guaranteed death. Two people going into battle against what might as well be an inexhaustible amount of soldiers, they're resigned to that fate. If more people come that only means that those two people die quicker. So of course they won't lay down their arms.

The Captain found this out rather quickly. Desmond was almost shocked when Castus threw his blade across the room, bursting through the chain mail and out the back of the Captain neck, pinning the man to the wooden doors. He had to do that in such a dramatic way too Desmond nearly laughed to himself, but of course he didn't want to break the stunned silence and startle them into action.

It was now that everything was perfectly quiet that Desmond heard a storm outside. How nice. For some reason I've always found storms calming or peaceful. The sounds of rain hitting the roof or the ground and the rolling thunder. he thought as he also wondered if it was strange to think this of a storm. Nobody moved, nothing happened, only the storm. The droplets of rain could be heard drumming against the door. Desmond almost closed his eyes, the adrenaline beginning to run from his veins, finally allowing him to begin to feel the effects this sudden activity wrought on his body. An ache began to creep into his underused muscles, and tiredness trying to pierce its way into his mind, turning to a nice bed, with rain drumming on the roof overhead.

Suddenly a noise startled him to full awareness, what he thought must of been a thunder clap. That was when Desmond noticed flames creeping through the cracks in the blackening door, and a red light pouring through. The door soon disappearing as the hungry flames burst into the devouring the unlucky men so quickly and completely, leaving only their armor and weapons to clatter to the ground. The flames, as ferocious as it was, died almost immediately. Through the charred doorway and rubble, through the smoke and rain was a cloaked figure, the black fabric furiously billowing, the wind seemingly ripping at the material. The only discernable feature, and likely most prominent, was a single glowing white eye on the right side, piercing through the enshrouding darkness cast by the hood.

Shaking his head to get rid of any tiredness Desmond jogged over to the entrance, picking up the captains sword, which looked to be of better quality and tossing the somewhat blackened blade to Castus. He could feel the wind, and rain. Desmond smiled about something most took for granted, the wind rushing across his body, the air was alive, not still and dead like within the prison. Ahead of him stood the menacing figure, with the wind whipping the fabric of the cloak around, though, oddly, not a sound was made by it.

This figure stood at the base of a wide stone bridge which stretches across the Gaaryule Channel, a narrow strip of sea that cuts through land, separating the prisons land from everything else.

Desmond approached the firgure, his grip tightening on his sword as he neared. Once he reached a certain spot one of the figures cloaked arms shot out, a large fireball launching at Desmond who dove forward. Intense heat flooded over him as the ball passed over. Landing with a roll, he came up with a slash hoping to end thing here. But things did not happen as expected. The persons arm shot up in a defensive position, and as Desmond's blade neared, a silvery steel shot out. The sound of metal striking metal rang out through the air. Second later as Desmond jumped back, the other arm swung, and yet another silvery steel blade shot out whistling thorugh the air. The tip of the blade barely swiping through the flesh under Desmond's chin, leaving a stinging cut.

Damn!, Desmond thought as his eyes looked at his enemies swords. That metal, unless my eyes are deceiving me. Looking up to his enemies head, that piercing white eye stared streight back at him. "Mythril swords!? Not just anybody has those." the person began to laugh darkly, the laugh seeming to echo all around them. Taking a few steps back, he looked over at Castus, " careful, those swords can quite possibly smash right through our blades."

ketotsue 09-02-2012 08:42 AM

The two had quickly approached the figure unsure of what to expect next. It did not take long however for them to realize the figure was intent on eliminating them. The figure had simply waited for Desmond to reach a particular point on the grounds before it launched another mighty ball of flame towards Desmond. Fortunately he had enough time to dive to the ground avoiding the spell completley. As the ball of flame passed over his accomplice Castus could feel a strange sensation coming of the iron shackle adorning his left hand. He quickly looked at his arm and saw the shackle now glowing a bright blue, he then noticed the hissing sound of the flame quickly approching.

Damn It! What else have those accursed council members done to this beacon!

With his shackle drawing the spell towards him it was now impossible to avoid, so he raised the iron bond in front of his other arm hoping the iron's enchantments would somehow help lessen the damage. Fortunately though the spell launched at Desmond was not intended to travel over much distance and had lost much of its potency by this time. He braced as much as possible and the ball of flame burst upon his flesh, it was over in seconds and he was left with a searing pain in his left arm but that seemed to be the only affected area. It seemed their was more to his bond than originally guessed, as the still glowing band of metal had obviously absorbed some of the magic held in the spell.

" careful, those swords can quite possibly smash right through our blades!"

Desmonds voice rang out forcing Castus to regain his focus. Luckily the wraith like figure had been to busy trying to cleave apart Desmond to take notice of anyone else. Castus then ran along towards the two of them trying to avoid the path the of figures glowing right eye. Only a few seconds passed before Castus had cleared the distance between them and swung his new blackened steel at his opponents left arm. The steel edge glided through the black fabric cloak and dug deep into the flesh, causing their opponent to scream out in pain. The large gash quickly filled with a strange black fluid that appeared to be much thinner than a mans blood. The fluid ran down the enemy's arm and dripped vigorously onto the ground.

"Desmond it seems his left hand side is open to attack, perhaps only the glowing eye is truly functional!"

The wraith then turned his attention to Castus swinging his silvery blades wildly. His right arm moved so quickly it was impossible to block and difficult to even successfully evade, but his left arm now moved considerably slower which made it child's play to parry strikes from that arm.

.................................................. .................................................. .

Vuxxa 09-09-2012 02:23 PM

"Desmond it seems his left hand side is open to attack, perhaps only the glowing eye is truly functional!" shouted Castus.

Desmond's eyes darting to the black liquid dripping to the ground, then the wound on the Wraith's left arm. A dark smile appearing on his face as it began it's attempt to make Castus pay 'blood for blood'. "Well, isn't that interesting?" he said before he charged the Wraith, slamming his weapon down upon it as hard as he could. Catching him in it's peripheral vision it swung it's right blade up catching his attack. It's concentration still on Castus, barely holding out with it's injured arm.

This was when Desmond kicked the distracted Wraith in the stomach, causing it to take a step back and unsettling it's concentration. Castus took the opening thrusting towards it's chest. The Wraith, with it's eye still mostly concentrated on him brought both of it's blades down in an X, trapping the steel blade and driving it to the ground. Desmond then quickly thrust his blade up towards the creature's neck, intending to finish it off. It did not work, the Wraith titled it's body to it's left, dodging the thrust and trying to unsettle Castus or break the blade by shifting his two weapons with him, the blackened steel straining under the force. Though this struggle ended as soon as it began. The creature howling as Desmond penetrated it's shoulder. It's dark blood giving a quick spurt as the tip burst out of the back of the shoulder, it's mythril sword dropping from it's right hand.

Desmond's heart beat fast in his chest, his body quickly wearing down from the prison. Right now it seemed as if he could barely hold his sword up. He was tired, hell, he was pretty sure he hadn't been this tired in his life. His recent spurt of activity now catching up to him and his underused muscles. His attention was certainly beginning to waver which is why he was surprised when the Wraith lashed out with it's fist in such primal ferocity and a roar of rage escaping from it's mouth. Blood flew from his mouth as the escapee's body was sent back ten feet and hitting the ground with a limp roll.

Pain, shooting all through his torso, he was sure some ribs were broken. Son of a... he thought as he coughed some blood up. He's stronger than I thought, mind now turning towards getting up. He rolled onto his arms and pushed himself off the ground, his arms wobbling under his heaving from. The bread and cheese he had eaten in prison spewed onto the ground along with some blood. Oh, he new this...wraith, was coming, he could feel it. Which is why he was not surprised when he looked up to see the dark form before him, though he was surprised to see a wound across it's stomach. Guess that guy got him after this 'wraith' hit me., he wanted to chuckle at it's pain but he knew it would hurt, so he held it in.

Desmond let himself roll onto his side while bracing his sword in front of him. It was obvious what was coming and it did, just as his sword was readied. The blow from the wraith's sword caused him to roll back five feet from the force, as the upper half of his now broken iron sword flew through the air. He held the hilt of his broken sword up. I can't do much with this he though with worry as the wraith approached him again. His hand falling too his pouch and eyes brightening. The spell crystal he thought with glee. He slowly pulled out the blue and yellow tinted stone, his eyes gazing at it. Smiling he thought, Let's see how he likes this shocking surprise he thought.

With a small application of his will and strong throw the crystal hit the ground roughly at it's feet, shattering and releasing it's entire charge at ounce. there was a quick flash, and a bolt of lightning struck the creature, bringing the smell of burnt atmosphere, a shuddering boom, and dirt flying up from it's strike. Then in an instant smaller bolts began arcing and playing across the Wraith's body. A violent dance arcing across it's skin and through it's body. A unearthly scream of pain echoing from it's mouth. It's cloak being torn asunder, and becoming...mist.

Black mist played over it's body now, revealing some of itself. It's flesh gray, marred, and with boils. Patches of scales and numerous scars. It's head bald, one eye glowing red with fury, the other looking dead. It had no nose only slits, and a lipless mouth revealing a maw full of sharp crooked teeth.

__________________________________________________ ____________

Albrose waited out in a field, no one in site. He had begun sending out a magical beacon only a minute before. But this was too long for him. But before he could become even more frustrated he could feel magical portals opening. Three to be exact. Without even looking he spoke, Well, The Council. I'm so happy you were able to show up. You were able to get here rather quickly, though you were a little slow with your detection.

Albrose, I didn't think you would be stupid enough to reveal yourself like this. But I suppose it's true, this is proof enouph. spoke the leader of the Council, Nox. So, you've been the one working against us? That magic can now be linked to you. We will have to deal with you or the king...

"Enough!!" shouted Albrose. "You will do nothing! You are too weak to harm me! Your are too weak for your own mission! That privilege no longer belongs to you! Only to the worthy!"

ketotsue 06-01-2014 01:02 AM

Castus was locked in a stalemate with the wraith his blade firmly held in place by his opponents guard. The struggle was quick lived though for in a moments time Desmond had taken the opening and pierced through the creatures right shoulder. Blood splattered onto the face of Castus almost causing a panic to course through him. And then the mythril blade hit the ground giving off an almost beautiful glass bell like ring, its chime a spark of action in Castus.

His body snapped forward as he dove towards the sound of the clattering blade. Entering into a roll on landing, his hand griped upon the handle of the sword he quickly brought it arcing upwards towards the wraith. The sword glided effortlessly through the creatures gullet slicing open the flesh like substance. Rage immediately washed over the creature and it lashed out smashing his left leg squarely into the abdomen of Castus sending him several feet backwards and causing the room to quickly dim.

The light still escaped his eyes when he heard the distinct sound thunder cracking in the room. Lightning then exploded through the air with an deafening boom. Castus struggeled to regain his senses, his eyes finally refocusing on the situation at hand. He saw the wraith standing stunned, a dark mist now replacing what was once its robes. It was time to act, Castus ran forward reading the mythril blade griping its handle tightly. Three steps later Castus had cleared the distance and brought the sword down quickly at the wraiths skull.

It must have been shear instinct but never the less the wraith moved... Even still the blade bite flesh and severed through the creatures already injured right arm. The wraith screamed and thrashed in a wild motion dropping the other blade to grip the blackened stump where his arm once was. It then completely stopped moving and locked its eyes towards Castus and Desmond starring at them silently for almost ten seconds before a electricity filled the air and the creature disappeared in a flash of black light leaving its severed arm behind...

Vuxxa 06-01-2014 04:03 AM

Desmond watched as the wraith disappeared, relief filling him as it was now over with. The adrenaline leaving his body, allowing the weakened body to completely to relax. His body numb and and mind relaxing into darkness. "I think I'm...going to pass out...soon." Desmond forced out through heavy breathing, his eyelids drooping ever lower. "And...don't...forget the...other mythril...sword." His eyes finally closing in slumber, but not before mumbling something about valuable mythril.

ketotsue 06-02-2014 07:19 AM

Castus stood his body struggling to draw in each breath. His hand still gripped the wraiths blade tightly forcing the blood out his knuckles. It took a few moments before the realization finally sat in... The creature was gone, for now at least.

Desmond then spoke through strained breath. "I think I'm...going to pass out...soon. And...don't...forget the...other mythril...sword." His head then fell with a audible thud as Desmond fell asleep. Castus looked around for a moment before silently cursing the sleeping man. They were after all still on the grounds of a prison they had just broken out off. Add in this recent commotion and most of the cavalry should be showing up in a few minutes.

Castus then took Desmonds advice and stowed both of the wraiths mythril blades for safe keeping. After a minute or two of struggling, Castus was able to lift Desmond onto his shoulder. His travel speed was greatly cut from the weight of his companion but the fatigue of battle burdened him much greater.

It took them some time but they had finally made it a good distance from the prison grounds. Castus had found a rather large wooded area, and after a fair bit of cursing managed to drag the group into a small clearing. Taking the opportunity Castus then promptly went to sleep.

Vuxxa 06-03-2014 12:52 AM

Albrose Cleans Up
(This should make up for my short post)

Albrose had just taken down the second council member, leaving their leader Nox, who was supposed to be the most powerul of The Council. Now, Albrose could certainly see that Nox was indeed the most powerful, though his power alone wasn't enough to keep him above the other two, as together they were stronger; if he had to put a number to it, perhaps it would be twenty percent. What kept them in check, as could only be seen while in battle, as no magical sense or spell could tell you this, was Nox's intelligence and ingenuity. Albrose was quite impressed with the man's skill and ability in both magical and melee combat.

Though sadly for Nox, Albrose was above him in all areas, as only one such as Albrose could be. The unofficial council leader used the last few moments of battle, as Albrose battled in the other two, to chant out a spell. The spell finished, powerful streams of light rushed in from all directions, twisting, and slithering, homing in on their target with great speed. At the same time a holy mist appeared to form a rise up from the ground around the smirking and mumbling form of Albrose. Some of the mist seemed to attempt to condense around him, and perhaps more would have happened had the mist not become black and dropped to the ground like water.

Nox could not believe what was happening, apparent by the surprised look on his face, before it became stern in concentration, his lips moving yet again, barely a whisper escaping them. Albrose's lips widening in a smile as he now entered, what is essentially a magical battle of not only power, but knowledge and will. Of could Nox could not compete on even terms in any of those fields against Albrose. It seems an ego will most certainly be mutilated on this day, thought Albrose as he felt downright giddy on the inside by showing the Council just how truly pathetic they are in the hierarchy of power.

The white mist turned black liquid disappeared into the ground as streams of light magic slowly broke apart into black threads, which quickly began to dart toward Nox. Nox attempted to jump back to give himself enough time to potentially return the magic to his control. His magic latching onto the dark threads, which quickly darted around him, the single thread he was able to control quickly destroyed by a couple Albrose's threads which then disintegrated. But before Nox could do anything else or even land from his jump, black liquid shut up from the ground, wrapping around his legs and slamming his back into the ground.

Nox just laid there as Albrose seemed to appear next to him in a cloud of black smoke, shifting from one spot to another leaving a black streak through the air. "Well, Nox. It seems your arrogance has left you in the dirt before me."

"Hah, you say I'm arrogant!" angrily spat Nox as he looked up at the victor. "You hypocrite! It was you who showed nothing but contemptuous arrogance ever since me and my comrades arrived."

Albrose chuckled to himself, finding what was said to be quite funny. "What you saw as arrogance was simply my knowledge in the truth that I would be victor." He then knelt down on one knee, looking into the council leader's eyes, "I knew that I would win. There was no contest between the three of you against me. It is a fact that I am more powerful than all of you, that I have access to more knowledge than you. So, I was not arrogant, that would imply I believe myself to be greater than I am. But, I know exactly how powerful I am, and how powerful you are."

But before he could continue his eyes unfocused, before a smile appeared on his face. So, I was nearly perfect in my assumption of their capabilities., he then rose up onto his feet, before walking away from his downed opponent. "You performed your task excellently, Wraith B2-A. They escaped and passed their test." He then disappeared from the battlefield.

__________________________________________________ __________________

Desmond's eyes opened, seeing nothing but white around him. It felt as if he was floating, Well, this dream's strange...and boring.

A voice suddenly spoke out, soft, and almost pleading in tone, "There are great forces working against you and using you. You must not allow them to have their prize. The world depends upon this."

"Who are you! Who's using me!", he shouted, while looking around for the speaker, but seeing nothing but white. Soon after, his mind faded back to black, dreams filling his vision.

ketotsue 06-17-2016 11:32 AM

When finally Castus woke he decided to check on the man he had just rescued. "Desmond... Desmond wake up.". He waited a few moments to see if he would wake, but the man seemed to still be out cold. A few moments passed before Castus gave up and went to check his supplies.

Sitting down at the feet of Desmond, he aimed his right hand at the ground a few paces away and quitly spoke, "Parva Ignis". A slight blue glow humed to life from the shackle on his wrist and then a small flame started to form where his hand was pointed. Damn... I guess its going to take a little extra on top of any spell I try to perform... He then started speaking as he gathered the items back into the sack "At least we managed to grab these swords from that creature, weapons won't be easy to obtain."

He then took to looking through the small pouch of supplies he was able to get together before the breakout. Castus took the leather pouch and emptied it on the ground. Inside were 30 gold coins, two simple spell gems containing ice magic, a few strips of dried meat, and a key to his home. Well it's not much but at least I have some basic supplies... doubt the key will do much good for a while as we are not likely to be going back that way for some time.

Taking stock of his supplies he decided it would be best to scout the woods a little, and try to get some food while he was at it. In any event it appeared he had some time before Desmond would wake. He then laid one of the mythril blades beside Desmond and walked into the woods.

The woods were quite today, with only a few insects daring to break the silence with their methodical buzzing and chirping. Then again it was possible he was just not paying enough attention, as the day before still replayed over and over in his head. Still he couldn't figure out just why this Desmond was so important to the council. Nothing really made since when it came to the council but this... this seemed almost desperate. Never before had the council held so much interest in one man, let alone a criminal.

He was still lost in thought walking through the woods when something on the ground grabbed his attention. It was something shiny, stuck in the ground partially obscured by the leaves covering the ground. Castus knelt down for closer inspection and realized the glinting object was head of an arrow poking through the leaves. He then picked up the arrow for inspection. The arrow seemed pristine for having been laying in the woods, the metal tip was polished to perfection reflecting the scaint light of the woods like a mirror. It was carved from a dark wood, something that was rare for the area, but the most signigicant detail was in the fletching. The feathers adorning the arrow were very unique, a shade of deepest blue that would appear to be black until bathed in light.

Castus looked it over for a moment before realizing this arrow belonged to a group of merceniares known as The Azure Night. No doubt they had been hired to track down the people responsible for the recent jail break they were behind. This was a troubeling development on two fronts, firstly The Azure Night had a reputation for succes in all their years they had only failed a handful of contracts out of the thousands they had accepted, and secondly this arrow meant they had already found a reason to engage in combat, as these arrows are made with only killing in mind. It's said each arrow is dipped in a potent poison before every mission. Obviously they wouldn't use poisened arrows if they were hunting game...

Castus then turned on his heels and sprinted back towards camp. He needed to wake Desmond as soon as possible, show him the arrow, and get the hell out of area before the Azure Night or whatever they were after found them.

Vuxxa 07-05-2018 05:43 PM

Coming Haste
Desmond opened his eyes, wincing at the pain coming from his torso. Slowly rolling to his left side to push himself up, he looked around the area. Tall grass, weeds, a scattering of trees, and the edge of a forest about twenty feet away. Above, a partially cloudy sky with the sun low over the horizon. Desmond pushed himself to his feet"It must be the next day" he mumbled to himself picked up the sword next to him and then leaned his back up against a tree.

He stood there under the shade of the tree grimacing as each breath shot pain through his chest. Damn, with my ribs and guts the way they are I'm going to be crippled in any situation where I really need to move. He brought the mithril sword up checking it over, the blade sharp and in good condition, to Desmond's satisfaction. Overall, a good quality mithril weapon.

After a couple minutes of checking over his sword he began to hear noise coming from the woods. He pushed himself away from the tree as the cacophony of breaking sticks and rustling of leaves grew louder as the cause of the sounds grew closer. Soon his rescuer burst from the tree line, worry clearly written in his features. Desmond's stance changing, ready for action as something was obviously wrong.

Desmond spoke up loudly enough for the other man to hear through heavy breathing, thudding footsteps, and distance. "What's happened!"

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