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Misslings 05-16-2009 09:37 AM

Beastmaster Help
Hello, I just started a BM and I'd like some advice on build and what skills to focus on.

Atm I skill Melee, Defence and Rec the same without any points in magic. As for skills I'm getting Whips, Petmanship and suiting. In a near future I was thinking of skilling green magic up for some healing, since I'd like to use offensive pets, is this a bad idea? Everyone I've inspected seems to have healing pets. For me the skill Wound seems like a very good combination with two offensive pets together with DW whips ?

Any other comments about the BM class and usch are appriciated.

Necrox 05-17-2009 08:51 AM

The good thing about pets is that you can swap them around, so you can have both a healing pet and a attacking pet whenever you need one or the other - just keep one/two in the inventory. Might be a problem later doing that with two bear cubs that weigh 30 rock each.

Healing pets are seen as the better pet for most as their 'attack' doesn't miss. For whip-users though, attack pets are more required to support the lesser damage of the whip. When you use the bleeding skills, it basically makes the crit do 3x more damage than the normal attack. Makes that extra 20% crit chance worth it. That and the speed of attack/heal as well makes them formidable.

Just go for one of each (Poerainiam sp? and Chipmunk) and just use the one you need for the situation.

zenga 05-17-2009 09:22 AM


Originally Posted by Necrox (Post 33347)
Might be a problem later doing that with two bear cubs that weigh 30 rock each. .

Get backpacking to 25 (not that hard when u have the level to equip bears) and put them in 2nd gear set, they will 'walk' then and thus not affect your weight.

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