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Underkid 12-14-2012 12:15 PM

Nodiatis Research Facilities
Word has spread that a groundbreaking discovery has been made in terms of pet cloning. While there is still much to consider, it can't be helped to wonder what can be achieved with this new cloning technique.

Some say it all started when a researcher was trying to create a new nodiatis class that was based on creating clones and operate them from a distance through the magical powers of the Heart of Darkness, but the variables were too many for it to be possible with the current technological instruments.

Others state that all of this is coming from the mind of a delusional researcher with nothing better to do than to be lost in the wonders of his mind, thinking about the impossibilities of the universe... but hey, isn't it how most of the world's research started?

Nonetheless, the leak from the Nodiatis Research Facilities revealed that when they were trying to create that new nodiatis class, they stumbled upon a rather thriving result. They couldnĀ“t properly use the powers of the HoD to create clones from a specific character, since those clones wouldn't have the expected ratio of power desired and would sometimes be out of control, wreaking avoc on their master but, without knowing why, the HoD has a particular affinity to the pets of the user (in a way it completely rejects what are called the "superior races" - humans, elves, goblins, orcs and other races). Researchers always had a hard time admitting it, but it seems that the HoD has a magical bond with living creatures, being able to absolutely reproduce an exact copy of the pet in question. How it is done is still unknown, but the research group is trying to develop a way to make that cloning or breeding process controlable to their desires. And yes, breeding term has been introduced, because what happens exactly in that process is still somewhat unkown... all possibilities are still open: it could be a dna process, where the HoD would create an exact copy using that same DNA with its magical powers, and then the researchers would have to find a way to induce it; or it could be a case of mating, where the pet in question mates with one of its kind, resulting in offspring. This last one particularly evokes that the HoD has a massive power created by the spirits of the once alive beings, probably comprehending almost all especies ever existed.

Wichever the case, there is still much to be done in terms of understanding how this process is done. My personal opinion on this is that the HoD is something that cannot be understood, and how it does what it does it's something that we will probably never trully grasp. The research continues, and even though it is something that can change everyone's lives, it shouldn't be rushed, for that what we think we are doing right, we might be unleashing a power that can't be controlled.

We should recall that the world isn't ours to take advantage off, we are just another inhabitant with unique traits and we should do things with respect and responsability. That is why we decided to reveal this information to the world of nodiatis, for that we believe that one day we will trully understand one another, and we should fight for it. And for that we need truth and to be open to the world.

Never give up!

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