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yoky 01-15-2010 11:12 AM

beast masters stalking skill
something i have wondered about for a while now is about the beastmaster stalking skill.
just running some numbers, assuming lvl 100 in all skills with stalking at 100 and with stalking at 0 heres what i got.
(assuming that the skills that add dmg and heal % add not multiply. Also assuming using whips)

with stalking at 0 you have 275% heals and 225% dmg at normal speed
( stuns from whips are 2 seconds)

with stalking you have 375% heals and 325% dmg at 1.4 times normal speed
this works out to 267.8% heals and 232.1% dmg overall
(stuns from whips are 4 seconds)

the problem i find here is that stalking maxed at 100 will reduced heals dpd by around 7% and increase dmg by around the same amount. which means the only real bonus from stalking is double stun time for beast masters.

just wondering if this skill is supposed to be like that or am i missing something here?

Roeth 01-15-2010 01:22 PM

Right, you don't 'add up' the multipliers, you multiply them together.

So for heal pets,
Taming at 100 = 100% increase
Loyalty at 100 = 75% increase

So for a pet with a max heal of 20, with these skills maxed, the max heal becomes 20 * 2(taming) *1.75(loyalty)

This is an increase to 70.
Stalking will double this max heal to 140, but reduce the frequency of the heal. If you had a pet with a theoretical delay of 40 initially, the max heal would be 70 per 40 delay (1.75 per delay tick)
With stalking maxed out, this becomes a 140 heal, with a delay of 56 (if using whips). This works out at 2.5 heal per tick.

Of course, for a Beastmaster, you then have another multiplier, the class skill, giving *1.24 on all these heals (so for a BM, that 2.5 per tick becomes 3.1

Basically, all these skills that give bonuses to damage, heals, regen, experience - they all stack.

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