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RogueTigeR 10-12-2019 07:17 AM

Nodiatis mobile app crashing/won?t open
Ever since the new iOS installment of 13.1.2 on my iPhone 8 like 1 or 2 days ago, when I try to open the nod app, there is a black screen that pops up for like 1 second, almost as if it?s about to load, then it crashes. I have what I believe to be the current version of the app (my upgrades section says there is no upgrade to be had). Thank you

Baewi 10-13-2019 03:17 AM

I'm having the same problem... only workaround I found (temporary) is to delete nodiatis app, then reinstall from app store. It will load the one time after installation, but if closed; it will do as mentioned before.

please help!

Yes, I updated to the newest iOS and am using iPhone X

Glitchless 10-13-2019 06:13 AM

The problem is noted, but resolution may take a while. To play on iOS in the mean time, you are probably best off installing the firefox or chrome apps and going to to play the browser version, which will not have a quickbar.

Glitchless 10-21-2019 01:16 AM

We've updated it on iOS. If you delete and reinstall the app it should work again. Let us know if it doesn't.

Still working on a fix for iOS 13

Baewi 10-21-2019 01:28 AM

I deleted the app, redownloaded it.
Opened the app, it loaded as it should. Logged in as Torturedkitties. No problems.
Closed the app by the equivelent of clicking the X on an iPhone
Reopened the app to the same problem as before. Black screen, no load screen, then returns to home screen. (app stays open in background as black screen until swipe closed)
iPhone X running current iOS.

Correction was running 13.1.2

updating now

updated, deleted, re-installed, same problem.


Claudia 10-21-2019 11:13 AM

Best solution ever: Dump IOS get android :P no problems :D

RogueTigeR 10-26-2019 08:00 AM

I updated the app this morning, seeing how it had an update I maybe assumed it was working now. It loaded and i was able to run it for ~3-4 minutes until i opened the map which immediately caused it to (perma) crash the way it has before. Dunno if this helps. Thanks

Baewi 10-27-2019 02:00 PM

Yep, I loaded it up randomly once, played it for a few minutes, tried stepping into town, and it permacrashed that time too.

Glitchless 10-27-2019 06:13 PM

We've just done another patch of the default website client to make it work better for mobile users. Let us know any issues you experience with your phone's browser at

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