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Boog 10-04-2019 07:38 AM

Is it possible to change the crafting interface so that it does not close storage when you start?

xaivia 10-04-2019 09:21 AM

The most annoying thing like this for me is the rune storage closing the equipment screen! I can never remember what goes where!

Enduir 10-04-2019 12:18 PM


Originally Posted by xaivia (Post 203572)
The most annoying thing like this for me is the rune storage closing the equipment screen! I can never remember what goes where!


Originally Posted by Glitchless (Post 136660)
Using runes is a memory based mini-game.

Maybe someday.

Glitchless 10-08-2019 05:17 PM

If your inv/equipment is open with the standard browser window, then your storage is open by default. The client can't know if you want storage to remain open when you begin crafting, which closes the default inv/equipment window to show the transparent background inventory and craft window.

We could have crafting automatically assume you want storage open, but that could be just as annoying to crafting who are in the middle of crafting an order for someone and speaking to them. We can put it to a vote, and if the majority of players want it changed in this manner, we'll change it to auto open storage. Vote here.

Tip 10-08-2019 05:22 PM

Of the two options.... the way it is gets my vote. :\

SilverLink 10-08-2019 06:31 PM

I vote auto open

NoRemorse 10-08-2019 09:29 PM

for client auto-close cause i have to deal with orders a lot and scroll back and see which exact master i need to use. Both is bothersome to me so just let it be.
Again that is just for me

Claudia 10-09-2019 01:43 AM

be a good Elsa and let it go :) I craft hundreds of potions at a time and other things, it's the same so let it be and focus on important updates as opposed to this minor QOL thing

Tsutsu 10-09-2019 05:43 PM

Is there a way you can setup a right click option to select what you want it to do?

Joanna 10-10-2019 11:47 AM

Toggle or check box "keep open" would work best if possible ofc.

Roeth 10-10-2019 11:50 AM

Vote to leave as it is

Qratos 10-10-2019 03:56 PM

I vote for Rune vault to stay open when trying to equip them while looking at your suit.

EnigmaWave 10-10-2019 04:56 PM

I don't know how many feature points bringing the floating windows over to HTML5 would cost; but I feel like that might be more beneficial overall.

Floating storage doesn't close when opening crafting.

Floating equipment doesn't close when opening rune vault.

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