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Glitchless 03-18-2011 12:40 PM

v1.273 DoT Build Buffs
The higher level epic sleeves and leggings now also include a bonus to DoT damage in addition to their original bonuses. The 99 epic Mindblast Staff now also includes a DoT damage bonus.

The following DoT related skills have been added which should bring DoT's in line with the power of other builds:

Gift of Light - Every point in this skill increases your chance of a Gift of Light proc when landing a damage over time gem maxing at a 33% chance. Your friendly target will receive a blessed heal over time equal to one third the power (one fifth if you’re not using a staff) of your DoT.

Dividends - Every point in this skill increases your chance to trigger dividends when landing a damage over time gem maxing at a 25% chance. Dividends rewards you with mana and energy equal to 15% of the total damage of your DoT.

Intoxicate - Every point in this skill increases your chance to daze your foe for 3 seconds when landing a damage over time gem maxing at a 20% (10% if not using a staff) chance.

A bug was introduced with Legendary items involving the processing of items being looted from a dead PK that could have caused TC's to be lost from inventory of the PK upon rebirth. This bug has been discovered and fixed with this patch and those who were affected and lost TC's will be fully compensated.

Fixed an issue with DoT vampirism effects that was preventing them from working on the first DoT cast.

Glitchless 03-19-2011 12:08 PM

Starting midnight tonight and lasting 24 hours there will be a 50% active experience bonus for all players. People who are fans of Nodiatis on Facebook got advanced notice of this very important event - if you use Facebook be sure to "Like" Nodiatis for easy access to updates.

Glitchless 03-20-2011 01:48 AM

When both a taunt and daze are active on a target the taunt will have precedence over the daze - previously it was the other way around and a dazed, taunted target could hit anybody. The implications of this are that DoT users can freely train intoxicate without worrying about causing the creature to damage other players despite their tank having it taunted.

Glitchless 03-22-2011 08:54 AM

The following change is being made to a target that is both taunted and dazed at the same time:
If a player or creature is taunted it will never be able to attack an enemy other than the taunter. However, if he is also dazed he will have a 25% chance of attacking a friendly target (down from the ordinary 50% chance when not taunted). This differs from the current scenario where a taunted and dazed unit will potentially hit an enemy that does not have him taunted.

This change is not just a benefit to DoT users of the new Intoxication skill but anyone who wishes to use Daze and Taunt together with a beneficial outcome.

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