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Khettry 08-29-2019 07:26 PM

Possible solution to CA suckage
Probably a gold sink, but something that could be craftable, but only a reasonable price if mats costs come down again, also might work.

A token each for Primary and secondary CA and class bonuses/penalties. A blending of Epic Health and LG uptiering.

So you get any of these 4 tokens and then take a task to apply it. Can't apply it without the task, can't take the task without acquiring the token. Next increase, you need 2 tokens uptiered to make t2 token, then you do 2 tasks to apply it. Next, you need 4 tokens and do 4 tasks.

I'll leave it to Jeff to work out cost/mats per token and affect per application.

RogueTigeR 08-30-2019 10:36 AM

interesting idea to make most CA's (especially ones based in direct damage) relevant again. As a level 86 Rogue, 651 or w/e damage to toons that have 15,000-40,000 HP all said and done, is really just like tickling them... lol...

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