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Sapreaver 04-28-2010 01:48 AM

2hand weapons
I have a couple of questions since I switched to 2 handers.

Is the forumla different for 2 handers. using btb's forumla I should max out at 401 max crit on oranges, I have done criticals for 420 on them...

Do they have an increased chance of double attacks? when I was using my whips I was getting 1 or 2 double attacks per fight. Now with my 2 hander I attack half as much and get 4 or 5 double attacks a fight.

Does mirrorblade work on pets. I only have a 7% chance of it happening and have not fought many BM's yet.

all of these are with the 53 epic blue crystal halberd...

I kill 30 seconds faster compared to TCW's and sheep... with all my core bm skills at 49...

yoky 04-28-2010 04:37 AM

formula shouldn't be different prob due to rounding that ur max is a bit higher

no higher chance of double attack its prob just that ur noticing it more with a 2h

mirror blade works on Everything

RogueTigeR 04-28-2010 04:45 AM

yup... yoky is right.. no increase chance in double attack.. its in ur head or its easier to see/recongnize w/ a 2h'er. And you can mirror everything, except apparently AoE gems in PvP that are not aimed at youself :/ ... i am disapointed about that one...

on a side note... I am surprised ur killing faster w/ a 2h'er... DW has greater DPS but 2H'ers have a great "defensive" offense (mirror)

Sapreaver 04-28-2010 01:13 PM

yea, my tree claws capped at 144 max hit on a crit... my 2 hander caps at 417, crit, in order to beat that both sheep would have had to crit for 40(giving 80 damage each sheep) and I would needed to crit max with both whips. So 34% chance of each sheep critting... and 15% for each whip. 0.002601 % chance of about 460 damage... when with my 2 hander... I can crit for 380+ almost everytime ir attacks faster then both tree claws(the whips get 2 attacks for 53 ish delay after calculating dual wield)
Not going back to dual wield. Once I up my Ce/Cs to 50 each I will leach at least 38+ hit, even more with vampire runes... and all my weaponry skills except slashing are below 40... so My damage isn't even at FP. Yet.

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